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we had 11 m.c. members in 164 flat building. we 4 members of M.C. removed office bearer through dy. registrar for their wrong doing. meantime few M.C. MEMBERS also resigned. now. M.C. strength is 4 from our side 2 from opposition side. but it is more than 2 month now office bearer are not yet resigned and handed over the charge.they called themselves as care taker of the society. 1 member from opposition side says she want resign/or not to attend any m.c. meeting. now my question is whether we 5 members can run the society for time being because dy. registrar says it will take time to fill vacant post through election.

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Supreme Court judgment on Car Parking issues
Dear Sir, My query is whether chairman of the co operative housing society have the right/ power to tell an associate member to keep quit in general body meeting. Actually one of the flat ,owned by husband and wife jointly and one of them is associate member. Both attend general body meeting and behave and talk in un-civilized manner and also banging chairman”s desk all other member get annoyed because of their action. please let me know , under which section of our law we can make one of them keep quite.

Supreme Court judgment on Car Parking issues
please let me know if builder ALLOTED a stilt parking to a flat owner, whether society have the right to take back that stilt? i heard that society can not take back such stilt until flat owner sells his flat or he dont have vehicle. in my case i purchased one stilt from out going member after Managing committee passed the resolution and documents registered. In my case whether society can take back stilt. Managing committee says they passed the resolution due to ignorance of the law and I purchased the same due to ignorance of law, but tell me why only one person (me) suffer for this ignorance of the law. kindly advise

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