Comment on Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member by Shridhar Appa Barkol.

All illegal activities done in the society where I my have flat. No AGM taken till
Today, no resolution passed till today but all of sudden society had increased my shops maintains and flats sublet charges, with my complain Registrat was
Appointed in 2011 but till today he had not taken any action on society. After
5 long years he kept election last month and leaving the society. What’s the
Meaning of him for being on society for 5 long year. As had been repeatedly
Informing him about the illegal activities by society by letters not nothing is done what can be done as had kept hearing also on front of deputy register but
But he is also taking his side. Wanted to know within how many years or days
Registra hve to hand over the society to new commitee and can Registar can stay for 5 years without solving my problem n going without solving it.

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