Recovery of Debts from Members of Co-op Society

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Recovery of Debts from Members of Co-op Society: There are several societies and Resident Welfare Associations facing problems of recovery of dues from its members. This web site gives free advice to all the members through this web-site for adopting a systematic procedure to recover the dues as well as keep maintaining a good relations with the members by the management of the society or the management of the residents welfare association.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS: Take one time approval from your general meeting to appoint us in the form of resolution as follows.



“Resolved that ___________ if appointed a legal advisor of the society at Rs._____ per month / annum.”

It shall be better to inform all the members of the Society or RWA about this resolution. The Trust will carry out entire process of recovery of dues legally without any cost to the Society or RWA. The cost will have to be recovered from the defaulting member only.


(A) Honestly paying member will not be burdened of expense on recovery of dues from defaulting members.

(B) No dis-crimination shall be made among members as all decision and work is carried out by independent legal person or organization.






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    But as per DCS Rules 2007 section 106(10) which mentions as :- Any other organization such as Resident Welfare Association or Apartment Owners Association, by whatever name it may be called shall not be allowed to control or participate in the management of Co-operative housing complex. However the committee of the co-operative housing society may set up sub-committees consisting of member and non member to assist the committee in the management of the complex of the cooperative housing society. Please clarify the above matter asap.

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  • Varun says:

    Hi, I have purchased a flat in CGHS in Dwarka from the original allottee and wish to get the membership transfered in my name. I have taken a home loan and the original doc are with the bank. Following are my queries:

    1. What is the procedure to transfer the membership?
    2. Is it compulsory to transfer the membership?
    3. Can I sell my flat further (if I want to) in case membership is not in my name?


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  • Varun says:

    Thank you for your response and advice. The only problem is that Committee is asking INR 1 lac from new members and I cant afford it. Grateful for your advice.

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  • Varun says:

    Thanks for your advice. I’ll visit your office with all the papers soon.

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  • Gopika says:

    Last year I purchased a house in a CGHS in Dwarka on loan. Now the builder and the seller are having some disputes related to money share. The builder has sent a notice to the seller that the seller has sold the house to me instead of builder’s sister. The builder is claiming that seller had an agreement to sell with his sister. I have to come to know from the seller that the builder has included me as a witness in his notice.

    1. Will this effect me and my property in any manner?
    2. Can they involve me in their matter?

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  • sanjay says:

    Dear Sir\Madam

    Ineed your help on society fund raising issue

    my points are as under

    1. Iam having society flat in delhi -Rohini area on my wife’s name.

    2.i am paying regularly society maintainance fees with getting receipts of that

    3. from last 2-3 years society is demanding some amout of money which most of the people paid (my self also paid by cheque) but due to lack of other society members interest society management returned the cheques …it happened two times ( society collected the chq without giving receipt and also not deposited in the society account) now finally management called to members may be last year again to collect the amount again 60% members paid but this time i didnt …and by my self gvn verble confirmation to society that now when you will start the work i will pay you the chq …now the society started to served the notice to nonpayer i thing i got also but without mentioning any clause of INTREST in that notice

    meanwhile i hv approached many time to the society office but they are demanding INTREST and main amount ..finally now they served letter to me by mentioning me as an occupier of flat and for non receipt of said due the are writing as DEFAULTER latter issue date and recovery date they mentioned same ( for amt +intrest) by mentioning for recovery thru legal by the section 111 of dcs act 2013…..pls adv in this situation what to do … self only want to pay base amout not the intrest n need to know as delhi govt paased a resolution about MLA fund in society is cleared now will this help

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    The secretary of a housing society is conducting meeting at his own will without giving prior intimation and agenda is passed according to his will with the help of limited members supporting his view and the secretary does not considers the other members available with a short notice due to their minority.

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  • Miss. Tejaswinee maind says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I am one of the shopkeeper among 10 members of shop owners society in chembur area. Actually the property is belong to MHADA but the they offer us ownership of that shop long ago but till today we are paying lease amount to MHADA.

    In 2006, the society did some repairing expense, during that time my father disputed with society members about repairing work and he denied to pay repairing charges. After that the society never communicated about the matter and its dues. We neither have any documents about expenses done during that time nor any correspondence letter about it.

    Actually the shop is on my mother’s name but since she was house wife, my father used to look after all shop related matters. Until my father was alive nobody uttered about the matter and as my mother & father passed away in same month of april, 2013; in the month of sept. 2015 society issued me a letter showing huge outstanding amount of rs. 1,27500/- approximately by me of the expenses done in 2006.

    The society has sent the outstanding dues letter along with audit report. Now they are saying nothing can be done about the outstanding amount as the audit is done.

    Now my questions are:-
    1) Neither Repairing work expenses are not acceptable by me nor the interest charge on it.
    2) Can a society can be formed among only ten shop owners.
    3) Minutes recorded in Annual General Meeting / general meeting of year 2006 is not disclosed yet.
    4) The committee members and president of the society is not changed since the society is formed since 1996.
    5) In the last meeting i requested them that i am ready to pay principal amount of rs. 21,500/- occured in 2006 inspite of matter what had happened long ago. But the society members refused to accept the principal amount and they remain stubborn on the total amount of 1,38000/- Approximately in 2016.

    Waiting for your reply eagerly. Thanking you
    Miss Tejaswinee Maind

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  • Umesh Pillai says:

    Can the Society recover old member’s dues from the new member? The old member had not settled the dues in totality before selling the flat and due to some error the Society had not noticed the same at the time of admitting the new member who purchased the said flat.

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  • v k jain says:

    We are having credit & thrift society for our employees. One of our employee has dismissed from company. Now we have to recover the loan amount from him for society. WE have already taken surety from other members of the society. Please advice for recovery.

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  • Renu Jain says:

    I am member of employees (central govt) cooperative thrift and credit society in delhi…my query : after retirement may i continue my membership and also can participate in election process…

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