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Can members request RCS to appoint an observer for AGM? Please suggest.

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Can spouse, son or father attend AGM of co-operative society
In your other post, you have mentioned following while this post says Joint member can’t even attend AGM or vote. Which one is actually correct?

Any one of the joint member is a member of the co-operative society. Every member has the right to fight election. How and what section and what rule it can be done and how, what and when it should be done, can be consulted from any legal expert of your choice Or you may take assistance / consultancy services of our legal expert by click of mouse here.

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In case of joint membership, can the person whose name is second in the share certificate, contest for managing committee elections? Can you share the section/rule of the DCS Act under which this is applicable?

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Dear Sir, there was limit of not more than 3 terms for President, VP and Secratary in DCS act 1973 but later this clause was removed from DCS Act 2003. But if the byelaws of society are earlier than 2003 and they have this restriction and they have not been modified to remove this clause, does this restriction applies or not?

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