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Sir In our association, I am told for the ensuring EGM to amend bye laws M.Committee is adopting a new tactics of handing proxies to the wifes of supporting Group of members and other persons and cajoling them to attend the meeting with the proxies. Ths is OK , but what is disturbing is to know that when the head count happens at EGM they will count the head of the couriers of Proxies also to gather quorum for the meeting and decision making. Is this Ultra Vires or permitted. I need your clarification urgently, as the meeting is on 12th July. Rgds

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Rights of Reserved Car Parking Space members
In our Complex, which is a Society , we paid Car Parking chares to the builder and each member allotted a parking area. Some members dont have cars and so they lease the space for those members who have 2 cars and have only 1 car parking area or bigger second car cant fit the parking area allocated. Society amended byelaws by EGM today, saying Members cant lease out the parking area to anyone else and only to be used for parking their cars. Is this valid under the Law, as we do permit lease of the Flat as owner is ot staying ; so simiilarly same logic should be used when Parking is idle and not used by Owner. What do you say. Thank you.

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