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What r d rights of proxy member?if he/she does not have any rights then what is the use of proxy??
Plz reply at d earliest.


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Proxy of member of co-operative society not entitled to vote in AGM or SGM
If person is a flat owner but if he lives with his own family in other society & only comes periodically to the society, then can he become a chairman society?? If he can then according to which law???

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Does commitee of CHSG has the rights to cut the water supply of the society member if the maintenance is not paid for period of 6 to 7 months?

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we have been staying in the co.society since 25 years.The flat owner is my mother. We are staying together in the same flat.whenever there were any meetings specialyy AGM & SAGM I used to attend them without any proxy letter.No one had a single complaint about it.
But now new committee has decided not to allow me to attend any of the meetings.In the notice also they have mentioned that NO PROXY will be allowed to attend the AGM.
1) Am I PROXY?
2) As the flat belongs to my mother & if she is not willing to attend the AGM then can I attend the AGM?
3) What are the rights of the PROXY?

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