Proxy of member of co-operative society not entitled to vote in AGM or SGM

PROXY: Proxy is an authorized person in writing  by a person authorizing a proxy to do or not to do any act on behalf of a person on certain date or occasion. Such an authorized person may be spouse, child, grown up child or a any other relative or a friend named in the proxy letter.

SPOUSE: Spouse mean the second one of married couple. i.e. Husband & Wife. Husband is spouse of wife and wife is spouse of husband.

AGM or SGM: AGM is Annual General Meeting to be held as per statutory provisions of the DCS Act, 2003 (Delhi Co-operative Societies Act, 2003), once a year for the purpose of presenting Audited Balance sheet to the members for their approval and also to get the next years programme and its expenses approved from the members besides other matters of all the members of the co-operative society. SGM is any general meeting of the members, other than the Annual General Meeting held for any other special reasons as my be decided by the Managing Committee or its members from time to time.

MEMBER: means a person joining in the application for the registration of a co-operative society and a person admitted to the membership after such registration in accordance with this DCS Act, the rules and the bye laws of the society and it includes a nominal or associate or joint member and the Govt when it subscribes to the share capital of a co-operative society.

ATTENDANCE IN A MEETING OF MEMBERS: Annual general meeting or a special general meeting in a co-operative society is conducted of members only. Only the members are to attend. If a co-operative society is of 100 members, only 100 persons can be present, if all the shareholders have come. Only a member can attend the meeting. In case of joint membership of 2 or 3 persons in one flat, only one person whose name is 1st is entitled to attend and vote in the meeting.

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PRACTICAL PROCEDURE WHICH MAY BE ADOPTED AT THE VENUE: The agenda for the meeting which shall be discussed and approved is given sufficiently in advance to all the members. Therefore, the members can discuss among their spouse or relatives or friends before coming to the meeting. In the venue of the meeting place, only the members who are eligible to cast vote should be allowed as per law.

WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY TO ENFORCE DISCIPLINE: If an observer has been invited from the office of the co-operative society, the members are required to lodge written protest with him and not allow the meeting to continue until proper discipline is maintained among the members to ensure that only the members who are eligible to vote shall attend the general meeting.

WHAT OPTIONS AVAILABLE: The society may videograph the proceedings and any member also may photo shoot or make a video of the attending persons. Who so ever is present will be counted as a person allowed by the Managing Committee to sit in the meeting.



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    Sir In our association, I am told for the ensuring EGM to amend bye laws M.Committee is adopting a new tactics of handing proxies to the wifes of supporting Group of members and other persons and cajoling them to attend the meeting with the proxies. Ths is OK , but what is disturbing is to know that when the head count happens at EGM they will count the head of the couriers of Proxies also to gather quorum for the meeting and decision making. Is this Ultra Vires or permitted. I need your clarification urgently, as the meeting is on 12th July. Rgds

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  • Ajit Bellare says:

    What are ‘Mandatory aspects of AGM attendance ‘

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  • Ramesh Rao says:

    i live in a co-operative housing society in Thane,Maharashtra where my wife is a member.Can I attend the AGM with a authority letter from my wife? I will not vote.But can I discuss the problems which we are facing and seek the details of Annual accounts?Please clarify this.

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  • Rakesh says:

    Can members request RCS to appoint an observer for AGM? Please suggest.

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  • Vidhu Vohra says:


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  • Suresh Kamat says:

    There seems to be lot of confusion regarding entitled of an Associate member whose name is second on the share certificate.

    1 Is he entitleld to vote in the absence of the primary member ?
    2.Can he contest elections in the absence of the primary member ?

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  • Sha says:

    I am the son of the member of the flat. Have the authorisation letter from the member to attend the meetings and actively participate in the discussion. Will i be allowed to attend the meetings & discuss the matters in the meetings?

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  • hedu says:

    i have authority letter from my wife to attend AGM. can society object on me attending meeting on behalf of wife. I am not asking for voting power or active participation in discussion.
    Please answer

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  • Chhaya Shah says:

    In our society one of members is not living in mumbai & ही has given authority to Secretary for future reference, does his absence is calculated as presence in AGM

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  • Kumar says:

    Sir, As per new election rules only owners of flats can be associate members?. So what happens to the Associate members of of other members who are not part owners (as earlier there was no such condition). Can the society recognise previous associate members who are not co-owners and deny new owners this facility wherein they cannot make any family an associate member to interact with the Society. Thank you for your reply in advance.

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  • can a member looses his/her rigts to vote in agm or sgm of acoop.soc if not attanded previous meeting.can a proxy of a an absent member allowed to vote on her /*his behalf

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  • H v kalamkar says:

    If quoram is not fulfilled can Power of attorney holder be counted in quoram for SGM. What is the solution if quoram is just missing by 10 votes. 1 or 2 percent less to quoram desperately wants redeveloent.

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  • Gurpreet G Kalra says:

    Sir, my question is, can a management committee of a cghs under DCS Act declare and hold elections for the new committee after it has already expired its term and without ad hoc approval of the general body of the society is still continuing?

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  • Bijaya Ketan Das says:

    Whether under Rajasthan co-up societies act , proxy can vote in AGM or for election of office bearers

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  • Pramod tembhurne says:

    What r d rights of proxy member?if he/she does not have any rights then what is the use of proxy??
    Plz reply at d earliest.


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  • Pramod tembhurne says:

    If person is a flat owner but if he lives with his own family in other society & only comes periodically to the society, then can he become a chairman society?? If he can then according to which law???

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  • Vishal says:

    What is the procedure for non resident owners to cast their vote? As defence people, we are not in a position to attend the meeting. Can society pass a bye-law allowing postal ballot? Can I nominate anybody to cast my vote in my absence. Rgds

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    Can a member send his vote by e-mail for SGM and can a member who is unwell,give his vote in writing for or against a resolution to be passed in a SGM?

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  • LAXMIKANT says:


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  • Sandeep Parwal says:

    For attending an AGM of society
    1. In case the person is not member but wish to attend by using the proxy from the owner..
    2. The owner is expired and the name is not transferred the. Who is eligible to attend from the family
    3. If the nomination form is given but it’s not transferred yet
    4. Of somebody by force attending then how to remove him from the meeting

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  • Neelam singh says:

    Sir I live in ISPATIKA APARTMENTS SECTOR 4 plot 29 , so many issues in our society 1 . They are changing additional parking charges for vehicle 2 and additional EB CHARGES for tenant and every day making new rules and collecting so much of money for additional repair works and society manager is very dominating and favours for few SAIL MEMBERS ONLY

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  • Sameer Hande says:

    Sir, I am member of co operative housing society but I cannot attend AGM so I want to send proxy but Chairperson of society is not allowing proxy by showing by laws 105. I want to send proxy. By which by law I can send Proxy- my younger brother.

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  • Anand G Golwalkar says:

    Whether in housing cooperative society, with only 16 members and the share capital RS 5000/-, can a member send his votes by email and whether it is legal.

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  • Nisha says:

    In our housing society in bangalore one contender for MC secretary managed to get 64 proxies in his name.Is this legally allowed

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  • Advocateji says:

    Dear NIsha, You are advised to get in touch with any experienced or our legal expert for proper and useful advise to fight your point.

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  • Dipankar Gupta says:

    Is there any provision for postal ballot in an election in a housing society in Mumbai, where a large chunk of members stay in a far away place from society.

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