How do I protect myself from dowry proceedings?


Protection from dowry proceedings: I receive many queries from husbands claiming that their wives are taking unfair advantage of the availability of channels for prosecution on grounds of dowry harassment. The Dowry prohibition Act Rules, 1989, provide for making a list of gifts given or received at the time of marriage, to be signed by both parties.

Once proceedings have commenced, it would be necessary for the party to defend himself/herself by providing evidence to prove that the allegations are false. After the trial is over, if the party is acquitted, then proceedings for malicious prosecution, defamation etc. may be initiated.


How do I protect myself from harassment by my spouse and his or her family members?

The law provides for protection to both parties. If you find yourself, threatened, assaulted or battered by your spouse, you may file a complaint at the police station against your spouse.


The recently enacted Domestic violence act is aimed at protecting women from spousal abuse and domestic violence. They may approach the police station to file a complaint.

ADVICE OF THE TRUST: If any one is threatened of dire consequences from his spouse or threatened of dowry proceedings or of divorce due to extra ordinary reasons, one must contact the elders in the family. If the family elders are not able to resolve the problem themselves or by having various meetings with the in laws, then the chance is to go for a legal option.

1ST OPTION: The legal option is to approach the Police Station. Every police station is having a mediation cell and women cell attached to it who look into such atrocities, irrespective of the fact whether these are committed by males or females. The Police women cells try to thrash out the mis understanding or the differences and also the grievances and some times the matter gets resolved.

2ND OPTION: If the matter is not resolved with the intervention of the women cell then one can approach the Mediation Centres,wherein both the parties are called and a number of counsellors try their best to resolve the matter. If the matter is not resolved then only one should go for the next step.

3RD OPTION: If the matter is not resolved by the Mediation Cell, you have the option of going to the Mediation Cell at the District Court in the section of Family Courts. There are number of mediators and Counsellors available at this place who will try to resolve the matter.

4TH OPTION: If the matter does not get resolved at the Mediation Cell of the Family Court then only one need to contact a legal expert for resolving your grievances.

There are several legal experts available in the cities and one need to choose an expert who can certainly protect you from the atrocities.

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