parking problem and parking charges discussion or action

We have seen members of co-operative societies and members of societies or RWA discussing among themselves, enquiring on google and various other web-sites including the or It is good to obtain information form various sources. Many people are facing problems and feeling that un-justice is being done to them.

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WHAT DOES THE PUBLIC DO: It is surveyed and found by us that 95% of the public discuss the problems of parking their vehicles in co-operative societies and societies / RWAs. People hold regular meetings and listen carefully, thinking that a solution will come from those persons who have called the meetings. Many personnel give their suggestions by explaining the ways to manage the parking lots and parking their vehicles but end result remains almost the same.

WHAT SHOULD THE PUBLIC DO: In our opinion the public should approach NGOs like “The Disputes Settlement Trust” and put up their problems to them. But in fact, people approach us, take the advice and 50% of the problems get resolved just on our advice itself. But the remaining 50% think that their saviour will come from some where else or they start blame game on the present management or the local Govt for not giving them the solutions.


THE FACTS OF PROBLEM: The fact of the problems lie in the present availability of legal path to every citizen itself.

THE SOLUTION TO PARKING PROBLEMS OF CHARGES: The only solution lies in contacting the experts not for suggestions or advice but for complete solution through letters, RTI, representations, legal notices and legal complaints, claims and suits.


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  • madhuja v says:

    Hi, Our society consists of 27 buildings, but the parking space is less while there are too many cars. Some people who have been owning a car for long have parking places inside the society, these being provided by the builder free of cost. But the rest of us have to park our cars on the road putting our cars at risk of being stolen. There have been instances where cars or car parts have been stolen even as there are watchmen posted everywhere. The society has been turning a deaf ear even after repeated complaints.

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    I have posted 2 queries related to management of GH Society pl do favour by sending reply on Email

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  • Pankaj Chopra says:

    Hi, I have been requesting car parking space that was allotted to our flat, since when we dont know the exact location of our car parking space therefore someone else might have taken over the space, I have been asking society management to provide me my car parking space since society has no car parking space left and and everyday i had to park my car in some one else parking which creates problems to other flat members. I have asked multiple times to provide me the map details of society car parking on location of my car parking space is marked but society management is not providing me those details. Its been 15 months since i had submitted first application to society to allot me my parking space and had already submitted multiple applications but they are not providing me the details nor parking space. I cant park my car outside of society since it increases risk of getting my car stolen. Kindly advise how resolve this issue.

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  • Vinod Kumar Sharma says:

    I do not understand where is the problem of parking in Co-operative Society. One car parking is free and GB can pass resolution for denial of subsequent car parking and even charge Rs.5000/- PM for subsequent Car Prking

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  • Vaish says:

    A member has two vechiles and is charged 3000 per month on his vehicle from society it is too high charges can any seps be taken under wht act and wht sec pls adv

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