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The MC of the Shivani CGHS Ltd Dwarka is working without president of the society for the last more than 2 years. In his absence the committee authorized vice president to work in addition as president too of the society without election. Some members verbally pointed out the MC to declare election of the president but the MC is reluctant not to do so. Working on two seats by the VP is also an illegal act. Please let us know can a committee legally exist without president of the society? Thank you

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Is RTI applicable to Co-Operative Societies
Dear Sir, If a member of the MC of theCGHS is habitually absence in mc meetings, can he be declared as disqualified member of the committee for such misconduct???. Please advise for my knowledge and thanks for the same.

Co-operative Society not completed audit in time
If audit of the society is not completed by 28th August can the MC hold AGM within the required period of next three months?
Secondly, can the society apply to RCS for extension of time to complete the audit of its accounts? and for how many times the extension can be allowed?
Thirdly, if in between of that period elections of MC become due, can the present committee members be re-elected for their failure to complete the audit by the oroginal date?

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Dear sir, Election of managment committee of our society in Dwarka is very near. In view of the prevailing circumstances no lady member is agreeing to file nomination. What is the alternative if the required nominations of two lady members as per rule are not received in the election.

Latest decision on Common Space Car Parking Charges
I have read the judgments of the courts concerned to car parking charges on rental basis for parking additional cars in common area of the society. Please once again let me know in very brief the final result of the case.

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