Comment on Parking at owner’s risk – a warning by co-operative society by Jagruti Parikh.

I leaving at Dombivli in Co.op.Society -ground floor-We are facing too much problems from society committee members- In our society we have no parking space – every member or rental members or guest all r who having vehicles are parking with out any distance to my every wall because i m leaving at ground floor and from all side i have parking too near my window balcony- we are facing too much noise air pollution we have kitchen *at that window also society allowed parking

not only parking any society member having repairing works all garbage cement sand rabbit-are keeping at near our windows balcony we made complaint to secretary or committeee members they replied that if u are leaving at r,floor u have to face- ok we are ready but -they must not do kachara patti over their- we made complaint to munciple corp.-they co.operate and fine society for 5000/- and gave notice-
Our nagar sevika made small green lawn and keep plants their that no one will make parking or kept garbage or rabbit over there-
Its only for one year after that society make complaint to corp.that due to that plants we have insects problems and by permission with they remove all plants and after that they give that space for parking-and again for keeping rabbit-

Sum days before society make repairing work -at that time all dranage line rabbit kept 8-10 days as it is near to our balcony windows we have 97-flats think so many rabbit that contractor kept there for 8-10 days for that when i request him to clean it every day- he angry with me and stop his work- and said to committee member that if that lady say me sorry than only i will start my work- she must give me in writing that she will not disturbed in my work any time and i will do my work at my time schedule-and he didn’t clean that drange rabbit for 8-days- and society take meeting at night 11-and they call me at 11 to cum and say sorry to that contractor and promise that i will not disturbed him in his work.

everytime they toarcher us for every point-and not ready to listen us and not ready to take our writing complaint for any matter.

society committee also gave society office on rent which is our neighbor flat who is tax consultant he not having any office board.I want to asked in residential area what should be the office timeing- his office timeing from morning to night no limit-at 11.30.or -12pm also.he has meeting late night.

For giving office in commercial purpose they must pay commercial property tax -**

he is tax consultant as per our knowledge we had get information that he also handling visi scheme so every month- so many clients are cuming over there all are having parking near to my home- its on road side but we think every parking must park 2-3ft away from wall or any body’s home
for this matter also we gave writing complaint to society they are not ready to accept letter.They are using bad words and language and they are enjoying with our problems

We are tired of all this matter

Today our whole world aim is for Swachhta Abhiyaan
and here removing all plants and trees and giving space for parking is it correct.

Our society committee wants that we must do one mistake-in such tension so they will legally make us faulty.

I think i cant explain more
all over i wants to know what should i do- we are in tense

What should i do please suggest.

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