Comment on Parking at owner’s risk – a warning by co-operative society by Harshit Talati.

I have a scooter parked in the society, the seat of which was teared off completely. The night watchman said that the dogs did it, which is apparently not seeming to be the case. Moreover even if the dogs did it, he claims to see and still do nothing to prevent.

The society management replies we put a notice parking at owner’s risk. We pay monthly parking charges to the society. My contention was to recover the negligence charges from the security company as the watchman was sleeping on night duty and give relief of the charges to fix the same to us.

Even on the duty to keep the dogs out of the society, the society says it is not the duty of the watchman to keep them out.

Kindly advise on the course of action for a prompt action to be taken on the same

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