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Building maintenance fund of co-operative housing society The co-operative housing society is required to repair the common walls and outer walls, the roof etc parts of their building on which …Read the Rest

What is meant by lease its parties or sale or consideration and lessor Lease its parties and consideration: It is a type of transfer of an interest in immovable property. …Read the Rest

Medical Insurance Rejection of Claims Medical Insurance claims processing     Best option for the consumer is to obtain Cashless facility i.e. the Insurance company pays the bills directly to …Read the Rest

Aadhar card to be linked with many other documents – How to Link or Feed Aadhar Card with Voter ID Card via NVSP The election commission will link aadhar card …Read the Rest

Ex-Hony Secretary serves legal notice on RCS Dated 27.09.2012 The Registrar of Co-operative Societies Old Courts, Parliament Street New Delhi- 110 001 Dear Sir, SUBJECT: LEGAL NOTICE I am a …Read the Rest

Registrar of co-operative societies orders to make web sites The registrar of co-operative societies has recently ordered all the co-operatives to make their own web sites and keep all the …Read the Rest

Celebrities also liable for false advertising  NEW DELHI: If the skin whitening cream isn’t as phenomenal as advertised or the hair oil not producing a lush mop as promised, you …Read the Rest

Important resolutions passed by Indian Bar Association INDIAN BAR ASSOCIATION NOTICE A Special General body meeting held on 2nd March, 2017 and following resolutions are passed. RESOLUTION – I It …Read the Rest

– Who is responsible to maintain DDA apartments ? – After saving money to get a flat in Delhi for several years, one gets registered with the schemes promoted by …Read the Rest

What if one has vested interest or contingent interest What is the meaning of vested interest? What is the difference between vested and contingent interest? Section19 of the Act provides …Read the Rest

wrong water bills to co operative societies DDA/W.Supply/2013 SPEED POST 26.08.2013 Shri Najeeb Jang, Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor, Raj Niwas, New Delhi 110054. Irrational and illegal billing for water supply to …Read the Rest

Know your bank balance by sms at all times *सभी बैंक ने यह सुविधा शुरू की है…* आपको अपने बैंक खाते के साथ रजिस्टर्ड मोबाइल नंबर से अपने बैंक के …Read the Rest

Recourse against Arbitral Award and Appeal  Appeal or Recourse against Award covers 3 parts (A) Correction of Award (B) Setting aside of Award (C) appeal-able orders (1) Sec 33: Correction …Read the Rest

Compensation for breach of contract When a contract has been broken, if a sum is named in the contract as the amount to be paid in case of such breach, …Read the Rest

Transfer of Property takes place under section 8   Transfer of Property takes place under section 8 As a general rule, whenever a person transfers his property to another person, all …Read the Rest

Is RTI applicable to Co-Operative Societies – The central government legislated a law with the name “The right to information Act, 2005” applicable to all government departments and government and …Read the Rest

Housing scheme scam by RCS Express news service : New Delhi, Fri Jun 15 2012, 11:57 hrs A Delhi court has found prima facie evidence to put Narayan Diwakar, the …Read the Rest

Short forms of many abbreviations   *1 PAN* -permanant account numbe *2. PDF*-portable document format *3. HDFC -*-housing development finance corporation *4. SIM -*-Subscriber Identity Module *5. ATM -* -Automated …Read the Rest

  LAW versus Case Law on flats in MOFA By : vswaminathan  MAHARASHTRA OWNERSHIP FLATS ACT (MOFA) PROLOGUE LAW versus Case Law on ‘FLATS’ (MOFA): As is, by and large, known, …Read the Rest

RTI at High Court of Delhi RTI at High Court of Delhi : HIGH COURT OF DELHI : New Delhi NOTIFICATION No.162/Rules/DHC Dated : 6.5.2009 In exercise of the power …Read the Rest

EMPLOYMENT STANDING ORDERS FOR WORKERS   HR policies for workers: 1.       These orders shall come into force w.e.f. 01.04.2007   2.       Classification of workmen.–(a) Workmen shall be classified as — …Read the Rest

Govt Servants require permission to be member MC   Many a times it is seen that the Govt servants becoming members of the managing committee dominate the working of the …Read the Rest

Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors  “Veteran Sailors Welfare Association” Regd.No.Society/West/2014/8901551 of 31st December, 2014 is association of ex-servicemen of Indian Navy who look after the welfare of …Read the Rest

Seepage from Upper Floor flats NATIONAL CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL COMMISSION NEW DELHI  REVISION PETITION NO. 84 of  2007 (From the Order dated 9.10.2006  in  First Appeal No. 561/2005  of the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Haryana) Seepage from Upper Floor flats  …Read the Rest

Anger management tips; Contrary to the common belief that you do not have any power or control on your emotions, the fact is that you do. Emotions are actually choice-based, …Read the Rest

– Public authority may be compelled to make reasoned reply – Can Public authorities / officials be compelled to make reasoned reply to the complaints / representations made to it… …Read the Rest

Cancellation of Vakalatnama Cancellation of Vakalatnama, is a question which arises in the minds of the litigants. But unfortunately the litigants do not know the method of its cancellation. Therefore, …Read the Rest

Ratification of acts done by agent or sub agent Right of person as to acts done for him without his authority. Effect of ratification. Where acts are done by one …Read the Rest

What is gift in Property Act and what is the concept of gift Please explain the concept of “gift”. “Gift”, unlike all other alienations, is the only mode of voluntary …Read the Rest

Veteran Sailors Forum is Private Body managed by Navy We have interviewed Ex-L/Tel 93588 Rominder Singh of Indian Navy, who joined Navy in 1967 and left the Navy in 1979 …Read the Rest