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Co-operative societies must put all documents on web site Following is the letter received from the Registrar of Co-operative societies to all the co-operative societies to make all the documents …Read the Rest

THE NAVY ACT, 1957 ARRANGEMENT MENT OF SECTIONS  CHAPTER I  PRELIMINARY SECTIONS                   Short title and commencement.                 Persons subject to Naval law.                 Definitions. Fundamental rights to apply …Read the Rest

Mail message services @ Rs.1,000/- per month – An office at following address is providing mail message services from New Delhi – 308 Agarwal Tower, Plot No.2, Sector-5, Dwarka, New …Read the Rest

Regular inspection by committee is compulsory The Managing Committee of every co-operative society must regularly inspect entire Society items to undertake repairs and maintenance from its own funds. The list …Read the Rest

Supreme Court of India judgment on none to vote Welcome Supreme Court verdict for ‘None-To-Vote’ SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL, (Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist) Supreme Court of India judgment on …Read the Rest

Delegation of responsibility by principal or an agent Sub-agents When agent cannot delegate. An agent cannot lawfully employ another to perform acts which he has expressly or impliedly undertaken to perform …Read the Rest

– Consumer Protection Cell Dwarka New Delhi – A consumer protection cell has been launched in Dwarka, New Delhi. The Cell gives you free advice to consumers if you are …Read the Rest

SEEPAGE FROM UPPER FLOOR COMPLAINT:  There are several residents living in Co-operative Societies or DDA flats suffering from seepage problems. It happens some times that the upper floor owner and …Read the Rest

Check list for compliances under labour laws Adopt a legal path Check list for compliances under labour laws: Labour related laws cast serious obligations upon the Employers to ensure meticulous impeccable …Read the Rest

 Procedure on receipt of complaint by Consumer Court  Section 13. Procedure on receipt of complaint.- Procedure on receipt of complaint by Consumer Court (1) The District Forum shall, on admission …Read the Rest

Attitude towards your soldiers in India BRIGADIER DS GREWAL :-                          Mail from a batch mate touring the USA This past week I was on a four and a half …Read the Rest

Judgment of AFT, Kochi in non pensioner case ARMED FORCES TRIBUNAL, REGIONAL BENCH, KOCHI O.A.Nos. 142 of 2010, 106 of 2012, 189 of 2013, 192 of 2013, 193 of 2013, …Read the Rest

Falling of grit wash from outer walls of the building Falling grit wash from walls, roofs and stairs of buildings has become a threat to the lives of residents of …Read the Rest

What is a significance of Actionable Claim: and what are the legal attributes thereof insofar as the law in India is concerned? As the expression “Actionable Claim” itself denotes, it is …Read the Rest

Sub lease of property and stamp duty payable:  A lease may be granted by a person, who himself is a lessee. The second lease is called a sub-lease, under-lease or …Read the Rest

When does the conditional transfer fail? Section 23 provides that, where on transfer of property, an interest therein is to accrue to a spectified person, if a specified uncertain event …Read the Rest

Art of Cross Examination: We should know that cross-examination is the most intelligent device evolved by the human civilization, during experience of centuries. This is a great wisdom of our …Read the Rest

Can evicted person recover expenses made in good faith:  If a transferee of immovable property under a defective title who, in good faith, believes that he has a good title makes …Read the Rest


Who has right to use roof top of multistory building gets several queries on the right to use roof top of multistory building. We also get a lot of …Read the Rest