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Using Microsoft Outlook Express with Your Email You can always use Workspace Webmail to send and receive email messages. But you also can view your email with an email client. …Read the Rest

Increase in FAR by DDA is boon for every one  Delhi Development Authority’s demand to increase the floor area ratio (FAR) in the national capital. This increase—from 150% to 200%—is …Read the Rest

UGC letter of refund of fee Letter No. SKG/UGC/001 08 Jan 2017 Prof (Dr.) Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Secretary, University Grants Commission, Bahadur Shah Zagar Marg, *Speed Post+Email* New Delhi-110002. Sir, …Read the Rest

Upper floor flat owner not repairing his toilet seepage It mostly happens that your upper floor toilet is having some problem in its construction and thereby the water leaks or …Read the Rest

A letter received from Secretary of INVSA is published as below: Dear All, INVSA presentation to justice Reddy committee Please go through the details of meeting held with Justice, Dear …Read the Rest

Who will prove that notice was not received in Sec 138 case  Whether burden of proof will be on accused to prove that notice was not received by him in …Read the Rest

Govt Hospital in Dwarka approved 14 years ago asks BJP and it glare on Govt. for slow projects NO PROGRESS IN 750-BED DWARKA HOSPITAL WORK DRAWS OPPOSITION FLAK, HEALTH MINISTER …Read the Rest

Writ Petition filed by Lovely Home CGHS Ltd   HIGH COURT OF DELHI Case No : W.P.(C)-8449/2007 Date of Filing : 15-NOV-07 Date of Registration : 15-NOV-07 Status : DISPOSED …Read the Rest

Arbitration and Conciliation Act (Amendment) in 2015  In recent times there has been a rapid increase in commerce and industry which has led to parties resorting to arbitration to avoid …Read the Rest

Sub lease of property and stamp duty payable:  A lease may be granted by a person, who himself is a lessee. The second lease is called a sub-lease, under-lease or …Read the Rest

Time and place for performance of promise Devolution of Joint rights. When a person has made a promise to two or more persons jointly, then, unless a contrary intention appears …Read the Rest

Does partial transfer to a class fails to all members of class If a transfer is made in favour of a class, and such transfer becomes ineffective in favour of …Read the Rest

Functioning of Society or RWA – Residents Welare Association Dear Readers, We have received a email today the 13th day of July from MBLOCK [] and after perusal of the problems …Read the Rest

Execution of Award of Arbitrator relating to CGHS   The Award: When a dispute arises under Section 70 of the DCS Act, 2003 and the Dy Registrar adjudges that the …Read the Rest

– Allotment of flats can be stopped in case of discrepancies – In case the Managing Committee has made more members than the required under the law, the members who …Read the Rest

– Consumer Complaints by members of Co-operative Society and RWA As per Consumer Protection Act, the member of a co-operative society or a RWA (residents welfare association) is a Consumer. …Read the Rest

Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes in India, no more are legal tender *# Ban 500/1000 Rs. Important Que & Ans* Q.मेरे पास एक करोड़ रुपए कैश है। मैं इसे बैंक में …Read the Rest

Agreement in restraint of legal rights are Void Agreement in restraint of trade void. Every agreement by which anyone is restrained from exercising a lawful profession, trade or business of …Read the Rest

Rights of surety on payment or performance or else Where a guaranteed debt has become due, or default of the principal debtor to perform a guaranteed duty has taken place, …Read the Rest

– Registration of multi state society at New Delhi – A multi state society may be registered at New Delhi by residents of India, for may contact the following: – …Read the Rest

Latest decision on Common Space Car Parking Charges for Original Judgment Click here >>  Judgment dated 04.03.2014 Latest decision on Common Space Car Parking Charges Printed version of the judgment …Read the Rest

NGO/Trust/Society registration at Delhi NGO/ TRUST/ SOCIETY.  For all India level or State level , we assisting in Trust Registration/ Society Registration/ Section 25 Companies Registration, exemption u/s 80G ,12A …Read the Rest

Car Parking space allotted by DDA in co-operative societies Delhi co-operative societies Act and Rules already has certain provisions for car parking in the societies but main problem is that …Read the Rest

 Traffic Management suggestions to Delhi Traffic Police Commissioner of Police, Delhi Sir, Sub: Suggestion for Improvement in Traffic Police. Often we hear about different missions launched by Traffic Police …Read the Rest

Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC   Co-operative Society cannot refuse to give NOC: But it it refuses, the applicant has the right to proceed against the Society in …Read the Rest

– Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member – Under the law, if a serious complaint is made by a member or a public servant in …Read the Rest

Major repairs for a Co-operative Group Housing Society Ketan Shah questions the following very vital factors of managing a co-operative group housing society on 24.02.2017 Sir, what is the procedure for …Read the Rest

Green area is not a play ground of co-operative society Every multi-story building and specially the DDA flats and Co-operative group housing societies in Delhi are required to compulsorily maintain …Read the Rest

Managing Committee is not arm of RCS but Administrator is The typical name of the management is “Committee” of the Society as per DCS Act / Rules. To make the term …Read the Rest

– For Registration for Petents and Trade Marks – To protect their business idea, you have the opportunity to apply for a patent. The patent is one of the most …Read the Rest

Operation of transfer of property 8. Operation of transfer Operation of transfer of property: Unless a different intention is expressed or necessarily implied, a transfer of property passes forthwith to …Read the Rest

Agreement entered by misrepresentation “Misrepresentation” defined. “Misrepresentation” means and includes— (1) the positive assertion, in a manner not warranted by the information of the person making it, of that which …Read the Rest

Booking of community hall in co-operative society Many of the co-operative societies are having a community hall or basement or common space in a co-operative society where any person would …Read the Rest

– Problems and suggestion of improvement of Dwarka City  – WAYS for BETTER DWARKAPosted: 29 Aug 2013 08:14 PM PDT Vijay K. Saluja Director, Giraffe Heroes India Program email:- Whether …Read the Rest