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Essentials of filing vakalatnama   HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI No. 13/Rules/DHC Dated: 26.10.2009   CIRCULAR While disposing of WP(C) No.7651/2009 titled “Deepak Khosla & Anr. Vs. Union …Read the Rest

Agreement entered by misrepresentation “Misrepresentation” defined. “Misrepresentation” means and includes— (1) the positive assertion, in a manner not warranted by the information of the person making it, of that which …Read the Rest

Contract of indemnity guarantee and surety “Contract of indemnity” defined. A contract by which one party promises to save the other from loss caused to him by the conduct of …Read the Rest

Better Policing Friends, Two of my write-ups on issues presently under hectic and intense discussion. Would request for your comments please. Amitabh Thakur # 094155-34526 For a better policing In …Read the Rest

Agent, Principal, Agency appointment & revocation   Appointment and Authority of Agents “Agent” and “principal” defined. An “agent” is a person employed to do any act for another or to …Read the Rest

Society imposes charges without approval of AGM Under the DCS Act and the DCS Rules, the Managing Committee is required to make a budget estimate for the future year and …Read the Rest

Mandir in Delhi co-operative society not allowed A Delhi court has directed the shifting of a temple and deities from a housing society on a plea of a resident alleging that …Read the Rest

– Circulation of Minutes of General Meeting to members: Minutes of meeting of general meeting must be circulated to members Circulation of Minutes of GM to members: After properly conducted general …Read the Rest

Quashing of FIR fresh guidelines A Supreme Court bench of Justice K.S.Radhakrishnan and Justice A.K.Sikri has issued fresh guidelines on quashing of criminal proceeding of a non-compoundable offence by using …Read the Rest

Affordable web site for Advocates in Rs.2000 – Affordable web site for Advocates in Rs.2000: We are pleased to inform the Advocates, Lawyers and Legal Advisers that there is a …Read the Rest

Car Parking space allotted by co-operative societies Where ever the members plan to allot space to members and make their funds out of it, wherein the space is limited which …Read the Rest

Agreement in restraint of legal rights are Void Agreement in restraint of trade void. Every agreement by which anyone is restrained from exercising a lawful profession, trade or business of …Read the Rest

Car Parking space allotted by DDA in co-operative societies Delhi co-operative societies Act and Rules already has certain provisions for car parking in the societies but main problem is that …Read the Rest

Surety not discharged on these occasions Surety not discharged when agreement made with third person to give time to principal debtor. 136. Where a contract to give time to the …Read the Rest

Advocate Lawyer for consumer cases in Delhi – We get several enquirers for filing cases against certain organisation seeking a suitable advocate lawyer and consumer protection guide for them. We …Read the Rest

 Inspection ordered by RCS stayed by Delhi High Court IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI WP(C) 8449/2007 LOVELY HOME CO-OPERATIVE GROUP HOUSING SOCIETY LTD Petitioner Through Mr. …Read the Rest

RTI Act, 2005 is applicable on Registrar of Co-operative Societies A division Bench of Delhi High Court Today held that Registrar of Cooperative Societies is a ‘Public Authority’ and hence …Read the Rest

DDA rapped for harrassing 73 year old Prerna Sodhi, TNN Feb 16, 2013, 02.53AM IST NEW DELHI: In a stern order, the apex consumer commission has slammed the Delhi Development …Read the Rest

contract of continuing guarantee and its revocation A guarantee which extends to a series of transactions is called a “continuing guarantee”. Illustrations (a) A, in consideration that B will employ C …Read the Rest

 A PROVIDENT FUND —- A INSIGHT A provident fund —- insight: Q1) Who will be covered by the Pension Scheme? Ans.1: Every member of the ceased Family Pension Scheme 1971 …Read the Rest