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Delhi co-operative society problems and solutions Many residents are not familiar with the workings of their cooperative housing societies (CHS), and are left confused while dealing with a variety of …Read the Rest

Un-fair trade practice by NMDC ruled out by CCI : The allegations leveled against National Mineral Development Corporation for anti-competitive practices with respect to mining activities and production of iron-ore in …Read the Rest

What is Arbitration: Arbitration , in law, is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution – specifically, a legal alternative to litigation, whereby the parties to a dispute agree to submit …Read the Rest

– Public grievances of members of co-operative societies – CO-OPERATION AMONG MEMBERS: The members of the co-operative societies are shy of pin pointing the problems they face in a co-operative …Read the Rest

Quashing of proceedings of non-compoundable offences 215198836-Fresh-Guidelines-on-Quashing-of-Proceedings-of-a-Non-compoundable-Offence-on-the-Basis-of-Settlement-Between-the-Parties Quashing of proceedings of non-compoundable offences Supreme Court issues fresh guidelines on quashing of proceedings of a non-compoundable offence on the basis of …Read the Rest

Appeal against arbitration Award IN THE COURT OF HON’BLE DISTRICT JUDGE, DWARKA COURT, NEW DELHI – 110075 In the matter of: M/S Infovinity Systems Pvt Ltd (Through its Director Mr. …Read the Rest

HR POLICIES    1. HR Policies for medium sized company: These policies are effective from 01.04.2007.   2. Classification of Grades: The staff shall be graded with designation followed by the …Read the Rest

– The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 – AN ACT To prevent the infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering on animals and for that purpose to amend the …Read the Rest

Indian Navy Chief of Naval Staff requested on Supreme Court Verdict I am an ex sailor who joined Indian Navy on 16.09.1967 with a regular service bond of 10 years …Read the Rest

Section 100. — Charges Charges under the Transfer of Property Act 1882: Where immovable property of one person is by act of parties or operation of law made security for …Read the Rest

 Service Tax on Parking Charges – Co-operative societies Parking charges collected by Co-operative Housing Societies Service Tax on Parking Charges co-op society Before July  1, 2012: As per the notification …Read the Rest

Legal notice to co-operative group housing society When a legal notice to co-operative group housing society should be served: If any member or a resident or a tenant of a …Read the Rest

 Human Rights & Fundamental Right of Clean Water Compliant against Government of NCT of Delhi and Delhi Development Authority for Poor and Erratic Water Supply at Dwarka To, The Chairperson, …Read the Rest

Indian Navy replies to RTI queries on 10 years Reservists requested by Advocate Niranjan Chakaraborty and the same is being published for information to all 10 years reservist pensioners. Question …Read the Rest

NGO/Trust/Society registration for Income Tax NGO/ TRUST/ SOCIETY.  For all India level or State level , we assisting in Trust Registration/ Society Registration/ Section 25 Companies Registration, exemption u/s 80G …Read the Rest

Operation of transfer of property 8. Operation of transfer Operation of transfer of property: Unless a different intention is expressed or necessarily implied, a transfer of property passes forthwith to …Read the Rest

Actionable Claims in property act Interpretation of Transfer of Debt, which the readers wanted to know is informed as follows:  Section 3 of The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 defines …Read the Rest

Divine justice for Naval Reservists by Supreme Court of India Divine Justice for Naval personnel not placed on reserves due to change of policy in 1976 This is a case …Read the Rest

Indian Naval Veteran Sailors Association (INVSA)   Dear All,   I am enclosing a PPT on the benefits what you were suppose to get & what you have got. Also …Read the Rest

Co-operative society failed to give NOC and share certificate The Thane district’s additional consumer dispute redressal forum recently penalised a Navi Mumbai co-operative housing society for harassing one of its residents by failing …Read the Rest

Rights of surety on payment or performance or else Where a guaranteed debt has become due, or default of the principal debtor to perform a guaranteed duty has taken place, …Read the Rest

How the Ministry of Defence behaves with veterans When case of Sunderajan Ramadas was decided at AFT on 22 April 2013 (OA 83 of 2012), they too gave three months …Read the Rest

Inquest Report of a deceased under Sec 176 Cr Pc  (To be used by the competent Executive Magistrates in case of unnatural, sudden or suspicious death within the meaning of …Read the Rest

Sale Purchase of immovable Property made simple: CHAPTER III of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 specifies on Sale of immovable property or purchase of immovable property. however this has …Read the Rest

A critical evaluation of the Patent (Amendment) Act 2005 A country without good patent laws is just a crab and can’t travel any way but sideways and backwards.[1] A critical …Read the Rest

Builders cannot charge extra for car parking space: Flat purchasers need not shell out extra money from their savings to buy parking spaces, both open and closed, from property developers at …Read the Rest

Registration and Management of Organizations – Registration and Management of Organizations: Any person or a organization can contact us for the following services being provided at reasonable rates. Formation of Private Limited …Read the Rest

RTI application to a co-operative Society APPLICATION UNDER THE RTI ACT, 2005 – BY ELECTRONIC MODE – BY MEMBER NO.173 DETAILS OF FEES: An amount of Rs.10/- is credited to …Read the Rest