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Hindon Heights Flats Allottees Association in DRT: Members of above association approached this NGO with their grievances for being impleaded in various courts for no fault of theirs. We came to …Read the Rest

International Workers Provident Fund Scheme FAQ – International Workers provident fund provisions Under the Provident Fund Act, these are some special provisions for International Workers The notification Nos. GSR 705 …Read the Rest

A letter received from Secretary of INVSA is published as below: Dear All, INVSA presentation to justice Reddy committee Please go through the details of meeting held with Justice, Dear …Read the Rest

How do I protect myself from dowry proceedings?   Protection from dowry proceedings: I receive many queries from husbands claiming that their wives are taking unfair advantage of the availability …Read the Rest

Upper Floor toilet owner not repairing CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL COMMISSION MAHARASHTRA STATE, MUMBAI FIRST APPEAL NO.1249 OF 2007 Date of filing : 05/10/2007 IN CONSUMER COMPLAINT NO.77/2007 Date of order …Read the Rest

Proxy of member of co-operative society not entitled to vote in AGM or SGM PROXY: Proxy is an authorized person in writing  by a person authorizing a proxy to do or …Read the Rest


Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes in India, no more are legal tender *# Ban 500/1000 Rs. Important Que & Ans* Q.मेरे पास एक करोड़ रुपए कैश है। मैं इसे बैंक में …Read the Rest

Water seepage problems and remedies Water Seepage Inspection Water seepage is annoying to property owners. It is also challenging to engineers. Water seepage can be caused by various factors, such …Read the Rest

Dear All, Subject: Dwarkites gird up against DERC PFA a repy from DERC washing its hand another example. Now for all the grievance related matter you may contact CGRF-BRPL Substation Building …Read the Rest

Award of arbitrator enforceable in a court of law: An arbitration comes into being as a result of an enforceable agreement.  An agreement enforceable under law is called a contract.  …Read the Rest

Sailors promoted to Officer at lurch: LPA Nos.468/2011 & 630/2011 Page 1 of 7 * IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI Judgment Reserved on: April 01, 2014 …Read the Rest

Booking of community hall in co-operative society Many of the co-operative societies are having a community hall or basement or common space in a co-operative society where any person would …Read the Rest

Managing Committee not transferring co-operative membership The managing committee of the co-operative housing society some times do not transfer the membership on the name of the purchaser of a flat …Read the Rest

Property buyers to pay 1percent TDS for purchase above 50 Lac: Buying property worth over Rs 50 lakh? Then pay TDS before registering it, or sleuths will come knocking on your …Read the Rest

The different forms of mortgages: Simple Mortgage -A Simple Mortgage consists of two parts i.e. a covenant on the part of the mortgagor to pay the debt and an agreement …Read the Rest

Want remedy against Supertech for Car Parking Dear Sir, I had booked a flat in Eco- Village 1 in 11th January, 2011. At the time of initial booking form directly …Read the Rest

What is Basic Wage in India Which component constitutes “Basic Wages” as defined under Section 2(b) of the Employees’ Provident Fund and Misc. Provisions Act, 1952 ( short the ‘Act,1952’) …Read the Rest

Supersession of committee of co-operative society Rule 61   Rule 61 of the DCS Rules, 2007 specifies the Supersession of Committee. (l) The notice under sub section (1) of section …Read the Rest

Title : BONDED LABOUR SYSTEM (ABOLITION) ACT, 1976 The Bonded Labour System Abolition Act 1976: Year : 1976 Act : PREAMBLE [Act 19 of 1976 as amenede by Act 73 …Read the Rest

VOID AND VOIDABLE CONTRACTS  11.01 Distinction Between Void and Voidable Contracts Certain defenses – generally those that affect assent – can render a contract voidable by the aggrieved party. Other …Read the Rest