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Whose obligation to perform the contract ?   Contracts which must be performed Obligation of parties to contracts. 37. The parties to a contract must either perform, or offer to …Read the Rest

Know your bank balance by sms at all times *सभी बैंक ने यह सुविधा शुरू की है…* आपको अपने बैंक खाते के साथ रजिस्टर्ड मोबाइल नंबर से अपने बैंक के …Read the Rest

Vastu timings by nature are without legal binding Based on the sun rays and the movement of the earth besides the direction of the rays coming from the Sun, a …Read the Rest

9+6 and 10+10 Active+Reservist category denied Pension Ministry of Defence Report of Raksha Mantri’s Committee of Experts to review of service and pension matters including potential disputes, minimizing litigation and …Read the Rest

– Consumer Protection Cell Dwarka New Delhi – A consumer protection cell has been launched in Dwarka, New Delhi. The Cell gives you free advice to consumers if you are …Read the Rest

Promotion is a fundamental right of Citizen Eligible candidates have a fundamental right to be considered for promotion against the available vacancy and promoted if adjudged suitable’ says Supreme Court. A …Read the Rest

Enhancement of compensation for employees Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923  The workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923, has been amended to make it gender neutral. The act will now be called ‘the Employees’ …Read the Rest

– Parking at owner’s risk in co-operative society Parking at owner risk in co-operative society: Then WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE BOARD “PARKING AT OWNER’S RISK. The committee of Co-operative …Read the Rest

Annual general body meeting of co-operative society Co-operative Society must call AGM in such a way that it is conducted on or before 27th October as per present Delhi Co-operative …Read the Rest

Celebrities also liable for false advertising  NEW DELHI: If the skin whitening cream isn’t as phenomenal as advertised or the hair oil not producing a lush mop as promised, you …Read the Rest

Admissibility of Electronic Evidence Due to the boom in the industry of e-commerce and tremendous increase in e-crimes, electronic evidence gained its importance and it has involved into a fundamental …Read the Rest

– Co-operative society and upper floor owner not repairing seepage – We get a lot of queries and requests for assistance to get rid of the problem of seepage from …Read the Rest

Co-operative Societies to make web site for transparency The court has ordered that co-operative societies should have web sites. Such web sites are available in the market at just Rs.5,000/- …Read the Rest

Enforcement of orders by Consumer Courts Enforcement of orders by the Forum, the State Commission or the National Commission    Enforcement of orders by Consumer Courts (1) Where an interim …Read the Rest

Person holding “WILL” not entitled to sell property: Can a person holding will in his favour sell property of person giving will A person verily believes that he has been …Read the Rest

 BONDED LABOUR SYSTEM (ABOLITION) ACT, 1976 Bonded Labour system Abolition Act 1976: Year : 1976 Act : PREAMBLE [Act 19 of 1976 as amenede by Act 73 of 1985] [9th …Read the Rest

 Section 340 CrPC, if wife misuses women-centric law Prosecution can be directed under Section 340 CrPC, if wife misuses women-centric law* Gujarat High Court: The Single Bench of Sonia Gokani, …Read the Rest

Pledge by mercantile agent and suits by bailer   Pledge by mercantile agent. Where a mercantile agent is, with the consent of the owner, in possession of goods or the …Read the Rest

Notice given by Advocate without his signature is not invalid in the eyes of law. The object of issuing notice is absolutely clear from the reading of Sec. 138. The …Read the Rest

Consequences of inducing agent & liability   Right of person dealing with agent personally liable. In cases where the agent is personally liable, a person dealing with him may hold either …Read the Rest

Contract of indemnity guarantee and surety “Contract of indemnity” defined. A contract by which one party promises to save the other from loss caused to him by the conduct of …Read the Rest

Amendment in RTI for roping in Political Parties The amendment made in the RTI Act by the Parliament that proposed to keep political parties outside its ambit has been approved …Read the Rest

 Inspection ordered by RCS stayed by Delhi High Court IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI WP(C) 8449/2007 LOVELY HOME CO-OPERATIVE GROUP HOUSING SOCIETY LTD Petitioner Through Mr. …Read the Rest

Mortgagor can exercise his right to redeem A mortgagor”s right to redeem the mortgage is a statutory right. Sec. 60 of the Transfer of Property Act embodies this right; a …Read the Rest

Managing Committee must insure CGHS Flats Clarification lies in Rule 106 (7) of DCS Rules, 2007 for all co-operative group housing societies. Managing Committee must insure CGHS Flats: It shall …Read the Rest

Contingent Contracts defined under Contract Act   OF CONTINGENT CONTRACTS “Contingent contract” defined. 31. A “contingent contract” is a contract to do or not to do something, if some event, …Read the Rest

Vasant Kunj DDA flats at D-6 not livable Built to accommodate foreign technicians during the 2010 Commonwealth Games, flats at Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA) Vasant Kunj D-6 were touted as …Read the Rest

Co-operative Societies need to control use of water How much water is suitable for drinking water? P.S.Singh Less than 1% Explanation: Just 2.5% of the planet’s water is fresh. Less …Read the Rest

Appeal against arbitration award in Delhi High Court IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI O.M.P. 216/2008 COURT NO.19 LOVELY HOME CO-OPERATIVE GROUP HOUSING SOCIETY LTD ….Petitioner Through: …Read the Rest


Important Landmark cases at Supreme Court of India IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CRIMINAL ORIGINAL JURISDICTION WRIT PETITION (CRL) NO. ________OF 2017 BETWEEN Justice C.S.Karnan … PETITIONER Versus The …Read the Rest

Supreme Court fixes responsibility of TTE of Railways RTI उपयोगी जानकारी लखनऊ से जबलपुर लौटते वक्त एसी कोच में जबलपुर की एक महिला प्रोफेसर का पर्स चोरी हो गया, जिसमें …Read the Rest

Can the gift be ever suspended or revoked? Can the gift be revocable by the agreement of parties? A gift can be revoked or suspended, provided the following conditions are …Read the Rest

Exchange according to the Transfer of Property Act Section 118 of the Transfer of Property Act defines ”exchange” as follows: ”When two persons, mutually transfer the ownership of one thing …Read the Rest