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 Right to Information – RTI – journey of 8 years Right to Information (RTI) Act is landmark legislation which was enacted in India in the year 2005 which has completed …Read the Rest

Advocate *एडवोकेट* *वकील कभी रिश्वत नहीं लेता* क्योंकि वो मेहनत करता है और केवल मेहनत की खाता है, ठीक एक मजदूर की तरह अपना मेहनताना आप से लेता है। *वकील …Read the Rest

Define the meaning of wages This article is authored by colleague of the Advocates for the Disputes Settlement Trust for the benefit of readers                                                                                                                                Article for HR Professional …Read the Rest

Special Act for special people of India SC and ST  Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Act, 2015 enforced with effect from January 26, 2016. The Scheduled …Read the Rest

Vastu timings by nature are without legal binding Based on the sun rays and the movement of the earth besides the direction of the rays coming from the Sun, a …Read the Rest

Formation of a Trust under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 Definition of Trust Creation of a trust, particularly relating to an immoveable property is also a species of transfer of property. …Read the Rest

Senior Citizen Association in Dwarka Social Service is in my blood says B.S.Yadav Posted: 01 May 2013 09:34 AM PDT When you started the journey of Senior Citizen Association in …Read the Rest

Supreme Court extends time limit for registering FIR The Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court modified its landmark Guidelines in Lalita Kumari Vs. Govt. of UP issued on November 12, 2013. In …Read the Rest

Car parking charges in Common areas The Registrar of Co-operative Societies has accepted that there exist a dispute between a member and the Co-operative Society for imposing Car Parking Penalty …Read the Rest

Car parking space for visitors charged by co-op society Some of the co-operative societies in Delhi have been found charging car parking per half day or per hour from visitors …Read the Rest

Managing Committee must repair flats This is for the information of all concerned that the Managing Committee must repair flats after the managing committee of the society is bound to …Read the Rest

Get Your Bank Mini Statements on Your Mobile Without the Internet Dial * 99# to do basic Banking instantly. One can check balance for accounts, mini statement where the mobile …Read the Rest

Building Maintenance Fund of Society Creation, maintenance, utilization of building and replacement fund Rule 96(1) of the DCS Rules, 2007: Building Maintenance Fund of Society: Every co-operative housing society shall …Read the Rest

Know the abbreviations of important one only *1 PAN* -permanant account numbe *2. PDF*-portable document format *3. HDFC -*-housing development finance corporation *4. SIM -*-Subscriber Identity Module *5. ATM -* …Read the Rest

– Appointment of Administrator in Co-operative Society – The managing committee of a co-operative is required to function according to bye laws of the society or a  co-operative society or …Read the Rest

Is a mortgage document required to be registered? A Mortgage by deposit of title deeds does not require any writing. There are three requisites of the mortgage by deposit of …Read the Rest

Sale Purchase of immovable Property made simple: CHAPTER III of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 specifies on Sale of immovable property or purchase of immovable property. however this has …Read the Rest

Annual general body meeting of co-operative society Co-operative Society must call AGM in such a way that it is conducted on or before 27th October as per present Delhi Co-operative …Read the Rest

Freehold conversion of flats in CGHS By Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar Holding out that several anomalies exist in the Delhi Development Authority’s scheme of free-hold conversion for flats in Cooperative Group …Read the Rest

Converting Leasehold to Freehold   TO CONVERT LEASEHOLD TO FREEHOLD: In case you have received a leasehold property by DDA, HUDA, GDA etc., you will additionally need to convert it …Read the Rest

Salman Khan’s lawyer Dipesh Mehta extortionist held Nilofer Ansari Actor Salman Khan and legal troubles go hand in hand. The actor has been stuck in a huge amount of legal …Read the Rest