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Irrational and illegal billing for water supply to Dwarka Societies – DDA/W.Supply/2013 SPEED POST 26.08.2013 Shri Najeeb Jang, Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor, Raj Niwas, New Delhi 110054. Irrational and illegal billing …Read the Rest

Concessions and Facilities for Senior Citizens Concessions and Facilities given to Senior Citizens by Different Ministries/Departments of the Govt Sl. No. Name of the Min./Department Facilities/Benefits given to Senior Citizens …Read the Rest

It may happen some time that a person not even member of the co-operative society and not even a creditor manages to elude the system or influence the authorities of …Read the Rest

What is the ”Rule Against Perpetuity” Rule Against Perpetuity: The rule against perpetuity, simply, means that all devices shall be void which tend to create a perpetuity or place property, …Read the Rest

Is RTI applicable to Co-Operative Societies – The central government legislated a law with the name “The right to information Act, 2005” applicable to all government departments and government and …Read the Rest

*Whether single complaint for dishonour of multiple cheques is maintainable*  Further, the question as to whether a single prosecution on  the basis of  several cheques    issued is maintainable, has …Read the Rest

 Accidental Insurance compensation may be 10 times if IT Return filed  Accidental Death & Compensation: (Income Tax Return Required) अगर किसी व्यक्ति की accidental death होती है और वह व्यक्ति …Read the Rest

Tally basic practical training in Dwarka Sector-5 New Delhi in Rs.1,000/- per month There are many Tally Accounting training institutes in India. There are also Tally on line training and …Read the Rest

No civil suit against co-operative group housing society An extract from the case filed by Khosla Compressors co-operative group housing society Ltd versus Barun Kumar Yadav No civil suit against …Read the Rest

 Sikhs are brave and were the major of reasons of defeat of Pak Pakistan Maj. Gen. Fazal Muqeem Khan, “Sikhs are very brave” & “The major reason for our defeat …Read the Rest

Whether mobile phones data is admissible in evidence *Whether CDRS of mobile phones are admissible in evidence without certificate as per S 65B of Evidence Act?*         …Read the Rest

Arbitrator is not a Court as per Supreme Court Reportable IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION SPECIAL LEAVE PETITION [C] No.11114/2009 Union of India … Petitioner Vs. …Read the Rest

PIL matter of two missing senior citizens (couple) of Delhi Fw: PIL MATTER OF TWO MISSING SENIOR CITIZENS (COUPLE) Inbox x Puneet Wadhwa <> 12:31 (4 minutes ago) to —– Forwarded …Read the Rest

Airtel the worst network services in India Kamaljit Chhibber Published Tuesday, July 10, 2018 Looting and cheating Airtel Style… Airtel has various plans to loot and cheat its consumers, state …Read the Rest

Different number of floors in different towers of Society THE CGHS LAND IN DELHI: Land is scarce in the metropolitan cities and New Delhi is one such city where the …Read the Rest

written statement pleading ignorance amounts to admission SUPREME COURT OF INDIA (PATNA HIGH COURT) Jahuri Sah Vs Dwarika Prasad Jhunjhunwala M.Hidayatullah, J. R.Mudholkar, R.S.Bachawat and J.M.Shelat JJ. Civil Appeal No. …Read the Rest

 Important points for Military Pensioners Sir, Pl circulate this message to maximum ESM.Dear Veterans, 1. I am Maj Gen PK Ramachandran (Retd) currently serving in State Bank of India as …Read the Rest

 Free social services by an IAS officer I am now available for free career counselling, delivering motivational lectures,  academic lectures on public policy, management, economy, laws, history and culture to …Read the Rest

Mr. OP Pandya writes to us on from his email in September, 2013 I need legal advice on following case. Can I file consumer complaint based on following facts? 1. …Read the Rest

Maintenance charges for CGHS members living in tower NOT having lift The members of a co-operative group housing societies do not understand that the maintenance charges levied by a housing …Read the Rest