Open Common Space cannot be reserved for Parking


Open Common Space cannot be reserved for Parking: Common space in residential complex is that space which is kept for the men and material to move within the complex for the convenience of every one. This everyone includes the essential agencies like, MCD, DDA, Fire Dept, Disaster Management, roads, greenery and power house etc. The residents need to utilize a part of the space for parking of their 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers in such a way that movement of essential services are not adversely effected to the detriment of the residents. Therefore, it is evident that, if entire open or balance open space is utilized for Car Parking, it will not only effect ecological balance of the residential complex but also shall make a hindrance in effective provisioning of the essential services.

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In fact there could be 2 types of Common space in the co-operative group housing societies

(1) Covered Common Space Or Under Stilt Common Space:

This is the space, which can be utilized by the Society for specific purposes after leaving sufficient space for movement of Fire personnel and men & material. e.g. Making a small office of the Managing Committee, a maintenance store, a provision store, children indoor games, library, guest house, and function hall etc. In addition the covered common space Or Under stilt common space can be utilized to make a common fund by preferential allotment of Car Parking or 2 Wheeler Parking space. The members of the Society are giving preference to particular member to give him right to park his vehicle at specified space. In such a situation, the such a member has to keep in mind that it remains a common space with preference to him to use the space. Maintenance of this space shall be done by the CGHS / Society, as it does for other Common Space. No partition is allowed in such a space for the use of particular member. Common Partition like, store, office, play room is for common purpose, so it is allowed.

(2) Un-covered Common space Or Outside Stilt common space:

This space is understandable from the name of the space itself. This space can not be partitioned for any particular purpose except for greenery & passage. The space can be utilized for parking and the space can be marked to facilitate the vehicles to park in a disciplined manner.


Yes the Society can allot the space to a particular flat after taking suitable amount for giving preferential treatment promise for ever. If the Society wants, it can make it quarterly, monthly or daily basis preference use for any matter including parking. It is subject to proper management of the system. Therefore, the best is to allot it permanently. Whenever it is allotted permanently, the allottee of such space can only be a member of the Society and when he want to sell his flat, he need to sell the space separately. Most importantly, the transfer in the next name involves only in the records of the Society and not the Registrar where you register the property.


It may be noted that even if the parking space (under stilt) is mentioned in the agreement, it will not be legal transfer because the person is not lessee. The Society is lessee.


No. Any parking in common space cannot be allotted to any member or any resident. No division of common space in the open space can be kept reserved for any one to utilized. It has to be used on First Come First Served basis.


It has been brought to our notice that, this Society had allotted under stilt space in 12000 around 17 years back and out stilt space in 8000 around 17 years back for those who were having cars at that time. Others did not need a Car Space. As more and more members started having cars, the space become scarce and problem arose for the managing committee to manage the common space. The Managing Committee came up with a scheme to take Rs.2 Lac from the members for allotment of Car Parking in the Open Space. Few members agreed and few did not agree. You cannot find any such case previously any where but the law need to be interpreted.

Due to disagreement between those who do not want to reserve space by paying 2 Lac and those who want to implement this scheme arose and the skirmishes reached the Police Station. Two members of Indian Airlines Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd approached our Legal Experts and they have filed a legal case before the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Sansad Marg, New Delhi on 9th June, 2014.

Due to severe mis-understanding and dis-agreements a criminal case has also been filed against the Society and also against the Hony Secretary by a member.

We are not giving more particulars to not to render the matter sub-judice but we will certainly publish the order and judgment of the Case in our web site.



  • TS Khurana says:

    I need help on a similar matter. Please contact me to set up a meeting.

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  • janaraj says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am in chennai.We had an issue in car parking allotment.There are 5 dwelling units for which 5 covered / stilt car parking space is there. Builder has not allotted but hand over-ed to all as nobody has car at that time, but now the problem arises as4 of them bought car and but some of the owners are arguing it should be given as per sqft / sqmt. which is not mentioned in Agreement..As the car parking is in stilt ,so its a common space and the car parking to be taken on first come first serve which is not accepted.Please advice on the same.

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  • janaraj says:

    Dear sir in the construction agreement the car parking is mentioned,the flats is of different size.state rule is mentioned on the allocation(CMDA / Tamilnadu rule).Please legt em know if the can we go as first come first serve.

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  • janaraj says:

    sir its my bad I mentioned wrongly.state rule not mentioned on the allocation(CMDA / Tamilnadu rule)

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  • Sivakumar R says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am in Neyveli and i am having a flat in Puducherry. There are no marked car space, however there is common space which is being utilized for car parking. I am letting my flat for rent to my tenant. The association says that only flat owners who are ressiding in the complex are allowed to park their car in side the complex. The association don’t allow tenants in side the complex who are having car. My tenant also is paying/willing to pay the monthly Maintenance. What should i do can i take legal action against the association secretary.

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  • Rama says:

    Hello, We are living in a group house where individual floors are purchased by different people. We are in the Ground Floor and having issue with parking. Problem is another floor person claims that he has it written in his registration papers that he can park the bike in the common area, near to our door. Which is causing inconvenience to us. Is there a clause in law where this can be handled?
    Note that nothing is mentioned in our registration papers

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