Navy & Govt. denied Special Pension in spite of SC Judgment

Govt has stopped/modified the reservist system from 03 July, 1976. But why it was kept as a secret? I was a writer and there are other writers among us.  But none of us were aware about this govt of India order. Here is the story of conspiracy against us.

Even though all the rules and regulations of Navy were made by officers for their convenience, these orders are beautifully drafted with such long foresight in to the future. See the pension regulations 1964 and its section 95.  They had foreseen the possibility of stopping the “reservists system” someday, and as compensation, made provision for a “special pension” as early as 1964.

We know that (through rti reply); there was no need of referring the matter for sanction and payment of special pension to MOD. As there is no change in policy matters or change of rule or need of new rules for this payment.  Even after an SC, judgment, they (navy) choose to refer the matter to MOD?

Had this GOI letter dated 03 jul76,was known to us, all of us would have got a “special Pension” from 04 Jul 1976 or from the date of discharge, whichever is later.  There was no need of an application from us even. When a person comes out of navy after 15 years, he is automatically paid pension as per section 78 of these pension regulations without any request him.  Then why they had hidden it from us and denied it when we requested, all these 40 years?  Here is the conspiracy against us, in which most of the officers are part.  If it was originally denied because of ignorance why others who came in that place also denied it.  At least, when we requested for it as well as filed petitions, why did not they rectify their mistake?  As such I said that, all the officers related to our issue are co culprits.

Even at the Supreme Court, these officers lied, stating that the offer of 5 years extension, so as to earn a minimum pension was made to us “instead of stopping reservists system” from 03 Jul 76. When we were not even told about the issue of this govt order dated 03 Jul 1976, anytime during in service or after wards, how could they say this? We know that this offer of extension of service were made before 03 jul76 and after 03 July 76, till the minimum service was raised to 15 years.


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