Mutual Divorce fee Rs.25,000/- in Dwarka New Delhi

MUTUAL DIVORCE: Mutual divorce is that divorce in which married male and female agrees to quit their matrimonial relationship legally. By quitting it legally, they are able to get a legal decree from a court of law, which is also known as mutual divorce decree.

STAGES OF SECURING MUTUAL DIVORCE: a suitable lawyer may be engaged by male and female separately or the same lawyer can be engaged by them. It is better to engage one lawyer by both of them.

FIRST STAGE: At the first stage a memorandum of understanding has to be prepared. This has to be legally drafted by a Lawyer. Then the husband and the wife has to present their individual address proof and PAN card copies. Then both the spouse have to bring two each, of their known persons to be witnesses to the memorandum of understanding. All the four witnesses have to submit their residence proof and PAN card copies. The lawyer will be entering all the details of the spouse and witnesses and keep a copy of each of the document with him and then fix a date to come along with their originals to the court for signing the memorandum of understanding in front of a notary, who will enter in the register kept for recording memo of understanding in such cases. The notary will see the original of each person, compare the particulars with the memorandum of understanding and then sign and stamp the memo of understanding.

SECOND STAGE: the lawyer concerned will prepare a FIRST MOTION case under the Hindu laws. The case has to enclose residence proof and PAN card copies of both the persons. On registration of the case the spouse have to appear before the court along with their lawyer. The court may question specific questions to any of the person. In fact the lawyer will tell you in advance the type of questions which the court may ask during the hearing. After obtaining the replies satisfactorily, the court will grant First Motion to the couple. There after the couple has to wait for about six months for the second motion.

THIRD STAGE: the lawyer concerned will prepare the SECOND MOTION case under the law and attach the orders of First Motion to it. On registration of the case the couple will be informed by the lawyer to come before the court for Second Motion. The court may ask certain questions to any of the person concerned and on satisfaction will grant you decree of divorce. The male and also the female will get separate original copy of the decree of divorce from the court free of cost. Your lawyer will arrange for collection of the decrees.

SIX MONTH PERIOD MAY BE REDUCED: If both the persons are educated and willing to convince the court of their decisions, the lawyer may arrange for another petition for grant of divorce without waiting for six month period.


In a recent judgment, the Supreme Court has categorically stated that the six months period is not mandatory and can be waived off depending upon the discretion of the court.

The most important requirement for a grant of divorce by mutual consent is free consent of both the parties. In other words, unless there is a complete agreement between the husband and the wife for the dissolution of the marriage and unless the court is completely satisfied, it cannot grant a decree for divorce by mutual consent.In the final steps, a Divorce decree will be granted as the Hon’ble Court may deem fit.

NORMAL FEE : Rupees 20,000 fees is normally charged before preparing all the papers, documents etc. memorandum of understanding is signed and first motion is filed in the family court. Rupees 10,000 fees is normally charged before filing second or final motion before the court. In total fees from both (male & female) is Rs.30,000/-


 Mutual Divorce fee Rs.25,000/- in Dwarka New Delhi

if entire fee is paid in advance



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