Modification of mutation rules in case of Death: Modification of Rules of Municipal Corporation of Delhi in cases of mutation of property in case of death. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Property Tax Department, has issued instructions vide No. TAX/HQ/2009/GPP dated August 11, 2010, making it compulsory for beneficiaries/ legal heirs of deceased owners of property to obtain Probate Order/ Succession Certificate in their favour from a competent Court in case of unregistered Will or no Will at all.

Modification of mutation rules in case of Death: It may be emphasized here that the costs obtaining Probate/Succession Certificate from Court is 3 – 4% of the cost of the property of the deceased person besides the time for which the matter carries on before the Court and personal appearances before the Court till the Probate/ Succession Certificate is issued. Thus, it would be advisable that every property owner must write his/her Will and have the same duly Registered as well, so that it would save harassment and inconvenience to the family or beneficiaries.

In case you have already written a Will, kindly have the same duly Registered as well, for the benefit of the beneficiary under the Will.

In view of the above, it is better to make a will in the name of beneficiaries and register it with the Registrar of your area. If the will is registered, much of the botheration of legal heir is saved in gettting the mutation of the property made in their favour.

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  • Charan Singh says:

    I Charan Singh has purchased a flat on my wife`s name smt Nirmala Devi at Begumpur Park,Malviya Nagar and registry has done on 6th Dec 2013. Now I wish to apply for mutation of the said property what are the rule and regulations on the subject. please help.

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  • Pardeep kumar says:

    Sir, I want to purchased a DDA Flat, but the owner of same flat has been died without leaving will, Now his son wants to sell it after preparing relinquished deed. Now, my questions is whether relinquished deed is enough/appropriate documents for purchasing same property. The lawyer has advised me to ask the document of Mutation regarding the same flat. Whether, it is sufficient document. Please reply me

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  • SEHGAL says:

    My parents own a house in south Delhi. The property is ownership is 50% each in the books of the society. The DDA procedures were completed and property was made freehold. My fther died nd now the roerty t i id by my mother being 50% owner. lee die formlitie to be omleted

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