How the Ministry of Defence behaves with veterans

When case of Sunderajan Ramadas was decided at AFT on 22 April 2013 (OA 83 of 2012), they too gave three months from date of judgment to Navy for giving them pension.

The Navy did nothing for three months and the applicants file case against Navy for not implementing the Judgment. Capt Meelu appeared in behalf of Navy and said that orders are to be implemented by CDA(pension) they have already informed them. Court gave the next date of hearing.

On next date of hearing Capt Meelu again appeared and said that CDA (Navy) is taking time and PPO will be issued to them soon. The bench become furious on the officer and ordered him to come with a cheque of 1 lakh in favor of each applicant on next date hearing as interim relief to them.

On next date of hearing the officer appeared and submitted cheque of 1 lakh each in the court and again submitted that PPO is on the way. The next date of hearing given..

On next date Capt Meelu submitted that Navy has decided to challenge the order in Supreme Court. The bench said “you have right to approach the higher court, but unless you file and get the stay order, my decision is binding on you and should be implemented. You should come with either the stay order of the copy of PPO in favor of these applicants otherwise you will be put behind bars for contempt of court on next date of hearing”.

On next date of hearing Capt Meelu was there with PPO of three persons. But they also filed the case in Supreme court after one and half year of judgment.

So Friends … Now after reading all the above story, just think where you all stand? You have passed only step one..

Let us keep doing our efforts and without being anxious and impatient..

Anyway we will keep on the move . Is it not possible to request the Navpen or NHQ to give us an info. about their intension so as to reduce tension and prevail peace of mind. We would accept gladly

I am an ex sailor who joined Indian Navy on ………………………….. with a regular service bond of 10 years followed by 10 years fleet reserve, for which, I was entitled to a reserve pension or special pension.  However, when later, after the discharge from the Navy, requested for pension, Navy replied that the system of transferring sailors to reserve has been stopped from 03 Jul 76.  It may be noted that Navy has not conveyed this decision of discontinuance of the system while I was in service or after wards.  No one was aware about it, at a time when there was no modern communication means like internet or social media.  When such enmass discharge occurs, as a result of a govt policy, as per section 95 of Naval Pension Regulations, We were entitled to get a special pension.  However, since the Navy has denied our right even after many representations,  left with no other option, we were forced to approach the Supreme Court for justice like any other citizen who is deprived of justice.


Finally, almost after four decades of struggle, the honorable Supreme Court vide its judgment dated 27th oct 2016, in CA 2147/2011 and CA 8566/2014 along with impleadment petitions have allowed the plea of affected ex sailors, for grant of special pensions. As per this judgment, all such sailors who joined the Indian Navy before 03 Jul 1976 and left after 10 years or more service are entitled to a special pension, from three years back date to be paid within three months from the date of judgment.

Based on the judgment, I had applied to the Logistics Officer-in-Charge, Naval Pension Office, C/O INS Tanaji, Mumbai for grant of the same vide an application dated …………………

As per the court Order, the judgment has to be implemented on or before 27 Jan 2017.

All of us are at their fag end of our life, from ages as high as 87 and below. As such, prolonging the implementation of the supreme court judgment further could only be treated as inhuman and a thankless attitude towards these veterans who had spent their youthfull years in the service of the Nation.

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