Members of CGHS must enjoy common areas



The rights of the members of CGHS are protected by rule 106(11) are as below:-

Members of CGHS must enjoy common areas: No member or occupant shall carry out any work which would be prejudicial to the soundness or safety of the property or reduce the value thereof or impair any easement or shall add any material structure or excavate any additional basement or cellar without obtaining the consent of committee


Members of CGHS must enjoy common areas: IF a member has encroached, the member must take it that, it has been encroached by verbal consent of managing committee and therefore, must take necessary action else his rights to easement shall be impaired for ever.

Members of CGHS must enjoy common areas: It is practically seen that instead of allowing members to use the entire common areas, the managing committee takes the view that the common area belong to them alone. There after the managing committee forms a view that if any member want to make use of the common area they have to pay a price to the managing committee. Over and above that, some times the management of the Society goes to such an extent that they make the plans to commercially use the common areas to generate income from Car Parking, making temporary shops and ever erecting permanent shops, making a gym, making a recreation centre or a library etc.

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  • Devi lal says:

    We are not allowed by MC to access all the common areas, specially the roof top

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  • mehta says:

    We are not able to use common areas as managing committee is useless. What to do ???

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  • hotam tyagi says:

    Many members of the society have built small gates in front of their flats in the common space, due to which, common space accessible to common members has reduced to great proportion.

    I have gone through your this article and not able to convince the managing committee. Kindly help us, we are ready to pay your fees too.

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  • Rajit says:

    I am living as a tanent in a haryana employees welfare Organisation (CGHS) fro last 7 years. Last year’s management decided to place dhobi for ironing of cloths in the common passge for two months each turn by turn. There are more than 20 such places in the society. My turn came in Dec 2012. After three months, they are not shifting the dhobi from common passage to other location. Even we are getting threat calls for this objection. Pl. guide how can I get rid of this problem. As per Apartment ownership Act Haryana 1983, no body can use common passage like this.

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    A member of Co-operative Group Housing Society is not liable to pay maintenance if he has not been given possession of the flat by the society. The above fact is mentioned in Co-operative rules and act and judgement by high Court as well appex cort has been delivered to this effect. Kindly clarify.

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    As per Co-operative act Managing Committee has to get the books of accounts audited within 120 days from the close of accounting year leaving aside April as such accounts should be be got audited by 30th August. The delinquent M.C. will be debared from contesting next election. M.C. in a G.H.S. resign in the month of March and ad-hoc M.C. take charge and operates the avcount, such ad-hoc committee is elected by G.B. and continues to Manage from April to Oct. without getting the Account Audited. Please clarify who will be debarred from contesting next election?

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    Is Power of Attorney relating to property is title to property.

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  • sanjeev pant says:

    Is there any rules by which we can restict members in encrounching comman passage of society?

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  • Sir,
    I had made a complaint to our Society on 24th September 2018, I have not received any reply so far. My complaint is as follows:-
    1. They have removed the board showing the names of Flat owners after the painting of the building.
    2. They have sealed the gates of emergency exit (Two gates) in the lobby.
    3. We have six security guards, three in each shift. Two security guards are physical disabled, one in each shift.
    Our Society consists of two buildings each building has 28 members.
    Could you please advice.

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  • Advocateji says:
      Dear Robert, You are requested to get in touch with any or our legal adviser along with photograph and documents for solution to your problem.
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