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I am a member of a chs since 1973 and in possession for 40+ years and have been getting maintenance bills in my name. From April 2016 the new MC has removed my name from the bills and have started issuing bills without any name, The society also filed application u/s 35 to expel me from membership. However, the Dy. Registrar by his order dt.2.7.2016 rejected the society’s application for my expulsion. However, inspite of the Order that I am a member, the bills are still coming blank,

I again approached the Dy. Registrar to get the order enforced so that the bills are made in my name. The Dy. Registrar sent a notice to the society for a hearing. Nobody from the MC came. Thereafter 3 more hearings were held but none of the MC members attended. The Dy. Registrar finally closed the case for an exparte order on 3.4.2018. I will have to keep chasing the Dy. Registrar’s office for the order.

In the meantime can I file a case in the consumer court for deficiency of service by the Society?

Please help.

Anthony Pereira Also Commented

Member of co-operative society is Consumer
Thank u Sir. Another small question – how can I get the Order enforced? Is there any procedure for this?

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