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Sir, I am a senior citizen and was ex-chairman of our society, after my resignation a new managing committee is got elected, they are keeping enimity with me to take thier revange they are by fabricating the false storise are sending me one and another base less notices and imposing exorbitant penalties upon me against the bye-laws of society, in this regard can i file a criminal case against them. please advice yes then under which section of IPC i can file criminal case against them, please advice as soon as possible and oblige on me or advice any remedy to stop them for their aforesaid illegal acts, yours, Mirza.

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Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member
Sir, Please send the address and phone of your legal expert from i can take legal help in co-operative society matters. Mirza. Thanking you.

Managing Committee can not create own basis to impose charges
i asked a question what i can do against managing comittee who impose 80,000/- +21 interest uponit. i here by request you please guide can managing comittee or socity can vacate me from socity due to above illegal penelties which are imposed upon. please advice me. Thank you Morza

Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member
i am asenior citizen due to keeping enmity with me the managing comittee is by putting false allegations are imposed Rs. 80,000/- arbitrarly without following bye laws of socity and thenafter continouasly imposing 21% interest upon the above illegal penalties Sir, what i have to do to get waive the aforesaid penalties, please guile and advice me. Mirza

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