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Sir, I am a member of co-op housing society in Delhi, can I file a complaint in consumer Forum regarding deficiency in services against the Management Committee of the Society?and claim compensation for the damages.Please guide.

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Co-operative Society and RWA not doing proper maintenance
Sir, I am having a flat in co-op group housing society, which is a multy story building. water leakage was developed from 7th floor in the shaft. My flat is on the 2nd floor.with the result my 2 bathrooms get destroyed completly. despite my repeated complaints verbal as well as in writing also to the Management but all went in vain. I withhold maintenance charges for one quarter just to make pressure on M.C.and also to recover cost of damages in my flat.and also advised the M.C. accordingly in writing. , but M.C. did not replied to that letter for 3 years. In the mean time remaining maintenance were being paid regularly. Now the M.C. is Claiming the amount which I withhold with interest and also not ready to pay the expences which I incurred on repair of damages occurred in my flat. The matter was also reffered to R.O.S. but with no result. Now can I File a complaint in Consumer Forum. Please advise.

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