Comment on Member of co-operative society is Consumer by Shashi Netravali.

Sir,I am a legal member of the Co-0p Housing Society in Mumbai. The Society was registered in 2003.Its almost 13 years and the Managing Committee under one pretext or another did not request the Builder to transfer conveyance in favour of the Society till this day. Surprisingly the Managing Committee gets elected every year and even non-member of the Society is made a Secretary. The process of selection itself is contrary to MCS rules. Even after 13 years model bye-laws have not been adopted. No internal audit is conducted. No minutes of the General Body Meetings are circulated. A few individuals who have been controlling the society affairs pick-up even a non member on Managing Committee. No two lady members which is a must according to MCS Rules are inducted in the Committee. Names of the Chairman/Secretary/Treasurer are circulated or put on Notice Board.
Now my query: Since the Successive Managing Committees have neglected to approach the Builder to transfer the Conveyance due to reasons best known to them even after 13 years, can I as a Senior Citizen approach the Consumer Court for deficiency in service and mental agony caused to me for 13 long years. I need not mention here the enormous dis-advantages the members have to face if the title in the land and the building is not transferred in favour of the registered society? My society is 24 years old and is very poorly maintained. CAN I GO TO CONSUMER COURT FOR DEFICIENCY IN SERVICE AND MENTAL AGONY AGAINST THE CURRENT CHAIRMAN/SECRETARY AS THE BUILDER NOWAY COMES IN THE PICTURE AS HE WAS NOT REQUESTED FOR TRANSFER OF THE CONVEYANCE. WHAT COULD BE THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT I CAN CLAIM FOR DEFICIENCY IN SERVICE AND MENTAL AGONY?. I approached the Dy. Registrar of the Society but no positive response.

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