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Our society has made a rule that parking charges should be on yearly basis (i.e MAY to APRIL) and not on pro-rata basis.
Sir kindly let me know if member is a consumer then how come society can charge the member for services not provided.

In my case i brought my vehicle in the month of Oct 2014.But the society is compelling me to pay the parking charges from May2014 onwards.

Please suggest me what should i do.

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Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies
Dear sir,
I have sublet my flat in mumbai.
Apart from sublet charge,Society has levied welfare charge (i.e 20% of the rent amount) in my maintenance bill.
Society is saying that there is a provision for such charge & compelling me to pay the same.
Please help me whether i should pay the welfare charge.

Consumers of car parking in co-operative Society
Dear sir,

Our society is charging parking charges for two wheelers and despite that no arrangement is made for the safety of the vehicles.
My two wheeler has been damaged by some miscreants in the society but the managing committee is refuting by saying that it has been damaged by stray dogs.
Please help me out as the loss is causing dent in my pocket.


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