Managing Committee must repair flats

This is for the information of all concerned that the Managing Committee must repair flats after the managing committee of the society is bound to inspect all the areas of the society from time to time and also take necessary action to set right the shortcomings immediately.

The Managing Committee is bound to repair and maintain the property of the society (all the members) immediately. The Delhi Cooperative Society rules, 2007 are very clear on this aspect of responsibility of the managing committee.


The Managing Committee is bound to inspect entire common areas regularly U/Rule 106(5)(b) of the DCS Rules, 2007. The committee and its officers shall carry out regular inspection of the items mentioned in clause (a) and shall take immediate action for their repair and maintenance.

 ACTUAL MEANING OF FLAT IN THIS CONTEXT: The flat will mean outside walls & roof of the flat. Innerside of all the walls ceiling and floor is the responsibility of the allottee of the flat. Secondly, precincts thereof are also a part of the flat as these are calculated in the super area of the flat. These areas are like corridor, lift area, stair cases, space for common transformer, common generators, common office & guard / security hut / room of the society. Besides this the Society may have a conference hall, entertainment hall, a gym, a covered parking area also. The Managing Committee of the Society is required to make regular visits of all these areas for their inspection to find whether any of the area require any repairs. It is also the constitutional duty of every member of the Managing Committee of the society to ensure that all these areas as well as equipment attached to these are fully repaired.

IN CASE OF ANY PROBLEM: If any managing committee finds any difficulty in repairing or in understanding the concept and the law, they are most welcome to contact us.


If any member of a society finds it that the managing committee is not doing the repair and maintenance, he/she may contact us for immediate free advice on this web site itself.



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  • On one hand it is ruled that Managing Committee can’t charge from members compulsorily & on other hand they are to Repair & maintain the flat. Where the money will come from ??

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  • Ravinder Kumar Rohilla says:

    One of our members in the Society is not paying dues of every nature for a very long time. His flat is loked and he/she resides in US. His relative has a flat in the Society who paid all cost sna dues till possession and little later. But it is understood that some dispute arose between them and since then no demand of the Society is met by any of them. Kindly suggewst what the committee should dio. We had sent a legal notice to him in US which was not accepted by them and returned underlivered.

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  • Resh says:

    Management of Kanayanagar C.h.s, Thane – east dont take of water pipe leakage and ground. They keep giving contract to people like watchman to do plumbing work and do small work in parts n show huge repair bills and such work by untrained people is causing huge damage in our flats. Mgmt keeps passing buck n does nothing n not ready to resign also

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  • Capt Pradeep Kumar says:

    Due to the seepage of the flat from the roof of top floor, the short circuit had taken place and a fire took place on the 8th floor i.e. top floor in our house. Who is responsible, the society or the owner of flat?

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  • Jino Abraham says:

    I am from Pune, we are 51 member in our society. one of the flat’s toilet is leaking and the flat below wall and ceiling is getting wet. so who is suppose to repair the toilet. is it the owner of that flat or the repair expenses should be sheared by both the flat owners.

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