Major repairs for a Co-operative Group Housing Society

Ketan Shah questions the following very vital factors of managing a co-operative group housing society on 24.02.2017


what is the procedure for inviting and opening/finalizing of a tender for major repair works of a society building?

If consultant is appointed what is the procedure of it and what qualification a consultant required?

If some members of the society wants to form a Building Repairs Committee consist of few committee members and few knowledgeable members of the society to look after the tender procedure and quality of the works to be done, how that committee can be formed?

If some members has a doubt of corruption in the works to be carried out, what is the remedy can be taken?


Dear Ketan shah, The best remedies are
(1) Get a web-site for your society from and upload all your past, present & future important data of your society on the web-site. It will repose confidence in all members and non members on your all functioning. Because it is web site of independent trust. This will not cost much. There can be no doubt of corruption by keeping everything 100% transparent.
(2) Appoint any one Or our legal expert as “ARBITRATOR CUM LEGAL ADVISER” for your society. It will cost Rs.5,000/- as signing amount and there after depending upon time taken by your society work. He will guide you from time to time. There will be no risk of committee of following wrong procedures and doing anything against or without laws.
(3) The committee of members and non-members can be formed after getting some documents signed by each of them and as per DCS Act and DCS Rules. The society will have to follow a strict procedure of getting things approved after calling certain meetings as advised by the Arbitrator cum Legal Advisor



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