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Dear Sir,
We rented a house a year back in a gated community in Vizag. On the net they showed us all amenities like swimming pool, intercom, lifts etc. After moving in within a year, the swimming pool is no longer usable, half the time the lifts dont work, there is no water for hours at least 3 to 4 times a year. No intercom. On repeated complaints. The intercom was repaired as we are senior citizens and alone. But other facilities are unattended. Now a committee was formed by the owners and the builder handed over to them with a lot of debts, which now this committee wants to recover from us by doubling the maintenance charges i.e. from 1000 to 2000 or more if the area of the flat is more, depending on individual flat areas. We did plead that ok we will pay, provided you first get us all the amenities as advertised and which lured us to this society. They have raised their hands saying they have no funds. Now is it right to penalize us this way. This is 2016. They had already raised Rs.500/- or as per the flat area maintenance charges in 2014 is this legal. Please advice.

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Deficiencies in services by co-operative society
We rented a flat in a gated comm in gajuwaka vizag based on the facilities like swmg pool etc. As long as the builder was managing we had no problems. Now some owner have formed a committee first they stopped facilities like swmg pool etc. now lifts dont work, no water for hours almost 4 to 5 times a month and plus they have raised the maint charges from 1k to 1600k. we agreed to pay for 6 months, but nothing has changed. now we dont want to pay extra becoz the facilities were better in 1k. the members r saying that the builder has given them a society with debts etc. But why we should be penalized when they took something over their shoulders without proper investigation and knowledge just for status symbols like becoming secretary etc. they r now threatening us that they will stop our water supply etc if we do not abide. we are senior citizens and we opted for this soc only becoz of the facilities. Pls adv. what to do.

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