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B.Anand says:
I live in a cooperative group housing society at Dwarka , New Delhi-75. The management committee(MC) of the society has got an RO plant installed in the society premises. It has not taken approval for this work from the general body of the society. NO GBM or SGBM has been called for this purpose. MC has raised bills using following nomenclature in the monthly bills:-
(a) Augmentation of alter supply of water
(b) Tube well revival & connection to RO plant
(c) RO plant rent
(d) Electricity charges for running the RO plant are combined with the common area charges.
Those members who have not paid the charges for the above mentioned four items are being charged penal interest @ 14%. on the unpaid amount.
I have following queries:-
1. Does the MC has authority to charge from members without approval of General body.?
2. What is the penal interest rate as as per DCS Act/Rules.?
3. Can a member refuse to pay the charges/ amount which has not been approved by General body of the society?
4. Can the MC declare such member as defaulter & disconnect supply of water to his flat?
I shall be obliged if I can get answer/advise regarding above mentioned questions.

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