Comment on Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies by Klc Chawla.

I am one of the members of Milan Cooperative society in North Delhi. Recently our society has raised the demand of Rs 16000/- against water arrears bill without the approval of GBM and Managing Committee of their own has raised this demand and every resident has to pay the money by April 5,2016 My issues are:
1. Is it legal to raise such a demand without GBM approval?
2. There is no bifurcation of the said amount i.e. How have they reached to this magic figure as proper bifurcation is not given.
3. Can resident refuse to say NO to this amount? if we don’t they say we will cut your water supply. Can Managing Committee do it? Are they empower as per DCS Act of 2003?
I would appreciate if you update me with latest information available.

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