Comment on Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies by Deep Kamra.

We are living in a villa scheme promoted by a builder in Jaipur, the developer has registered a fake society naming his employees as members, he now wants us to pay exorbitant maintenance charges and does not want to be accountable for the expenses. Recently he locked the club house saying that since we are not paying maintenece we can’t use the club (we have paid separate for the club facility). The colony does not yet have a completion certificate from the local development authority jda. Lot of jobs are still pending like pipe line leaks, balcony cracks plaster cracks wall cracks potable drinking water not available. The water supply is of 1100 tds with high fluoride content which is killing the plants. The builder has not arranged for any clean source of water.
Can we go to the registrar of societies for complaining against this false society also can we lodge a consumer forum case against the developer?

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