Comment on Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies by ASHOK KUMAR SINGH.

There is a cooperative society; where there a towers with high rise apartments (12 floors per tower) with lifts; and then there are 500 units of three floors with no lift.

As expenses for high rise are much more due to lifts; and they have 1000 units. How to work out maintenance charges between high rise units and low rise? How to rationalise it?

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Co-operative Society and RWA not doing proper maintenance
Can one sibling who has taken possession of an apartment on behalf og brother/sister; be a member of RWA?

When RWA is coercing payments without giving any justifications on the premise that the same was covered in AGM and passed; how onecan take action against such high handedness of RWA?

Can RWA terminate power supply of an apartment when all bills are being paid?

When builder has not got completion certificate; can RWA function independently?

In case builder does not hand over to RWA, the money collected from apartment owners paid as IFMS; how they can be made to pay the same to RWA back?

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