Comment on Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies by Satish S Nanal.

Dear Sir,
My mother is a member of Cooperative Housing Society in Pune ( Maharashtra). The society came into existence in 1968 or 1970.My mother has been paying to the society the maintenance charges since its inception.But the Secretary had sent letters to us about charges not paid by us.We have made lot of correspondence with the Secretary challenging the correctness of dues ( through Registered Post / Hand deliveries. The Society’s Audit was not done for last 20-22 years and election also not taken. Recently, last year the Registrar of Coop,Societies, Pune asked the Secretary to carry out audits for 20 years. Surprisingly one Auditor from empanelled auditors list carried out audit for 20 years and has submitted report. My question is
1 Can one Auditor carry Audit for 20 -22 years ( such a long period) ?
2 He has not taken any reference of various letters written by me about amounts paid by me. ( The auditor has reproduced all the records prepared by Secretary / Chairman of Society and has not bothered to go into details of it.
3) Can Society charge interest @18%
( compounded cumulatively)
4) Can Managing Commitee members increase maint.charges from Rs.200 /- to Rs.1000 /- without permission of General Body?
5 ) Can we challenge Auditor’s Report? If yes , what is the procedure?
Kindly throw light on above queries as the amouns demanded are in Lakhs of Rupees.

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