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we are having society of 50 flats, 30% flats are on rent,remaining people are on one side ,they make a meeting in a beerbar and make a law, now they raise a notice board on office that
“pl call to two person for submitting a monthly charges,i said in general meeting that i will not call , you have to open office and attache a time table”
that why i can not pay monthly charge ,
pl advice which is right

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Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies
in my society 49 people are in one side and 1 me at another side.
i was a first elected leader of society .
i always going by society law so other peoples are opposing to me.
now by suggestion of local Gunda people and Political people involvement,if i raise any complaint to society meeting or Nibandhak, all other are taking advice of outside political man and raising police complaint against me that i am moving naked in society , society is having a cctv camera.
so what to do ?
other people are taking meeting at beerbar.?

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