Comment on Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies by Dharminder Salwan.

Sir I have purchased a flat on a collector land in Mumbai a society in 2001 and have been trying to get my membership registered with the collectors office – It has been over 30 days that I have submitted all the relevant documents to the society and since been following up. The secretary is not based in the society and is a government servant and based out of town and comes once a while – the society has been managed very poorly the society chairman does not accept hand delivered letters following up on my application status and also when i send it by registered post he refuses to accept it. I have substantiated all proof with the collector office however there has been no response from their office too (as yet) am following up with them now. An recourse you could advise.

Another concern is that the society is not issuing monthly maintenance receipts and have suddenly started showing that I have over 40,000 rupees outstanding when I have paid all the money in time. I had raised the concern with the society but they have not responded to my queries and continue to levy penalty charges on the outstanding amount.

I would like to seek your advise and I am happy to engage a lawyer and pursue this legally – the society office bearers are all government and ex government employees hence their arbit behaviour.

Please advise.

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