Article No. Description of Instrument

3 Adoption

4 Declaration

4 Affidavit

5 General Agreement

5 Consent Letter

5(c) Rectification Deed- Movable

11 Authority to Adopt

12 Award – Movable

13 Bill of Exchange

15 Indemnity Bond

15 Bonds

17 Cancellation of Agreement

19 Certificate or other document (Shares)

23 Conveyance (M&A of Companies under Amalgamation Scheme)

27 Debenture

29 Divorce

46 Partnership

47 Policy of Insurance

48 Power of attorney –SPA

48 GPA-Blood Relation

48(c) Power of attorney – GPA

48(d) Power of attorney – GPA more than five persons jointly and severly

48(e) Power of attorney – GPA more than five persons but less than ten persons

48(f) Power of attorney– GPA with consideration

48(g) Power of attorney – Authenticated GPA

53 Receipt

55 Disclaimer

56 Respondentia Bond

59 Share Warrants

62 Transfer (with or without consideration for Debentures & Company Shares)

64(b) Revocation of Trust

64(b) Dissolution Deed

64(b) Deed of Retirement


Surety Bonds

Bank Guarantee

Guarantee Bond

Car Loan/ Loan Agreement

Transfer Deed

L.C. (Letter Certificate)

Forward Contract




Will After Death

Will Medical Ground

Will Sealed Cover

Will with Cancellation

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