Legal Notice to Navy to grant Reservist Pension

We have been informed that ex-sailor L/TEL O.No.93588 a non-pensioner is sending Legal Notice to following authorities for grant of Reservist Pension.


BY SPEED POST                                  Dated: 04 August, 2015


The Commodore,

Bureau of Sailors, Cheetah Camp,

Mankhurd, Mumbai-400 088

Dear Sir,

Subject:  Notice for granting “Reservist Pension”

  1. I was recruited in Indian Navy as Boy on 16.09.1967, and was discharged from service 0n 31.05.1979, as a L/TEL on completion of 11 years, 8 months and 15 days service in the Navy.
  1. As per the terms of engagement in Navy, I was enrolled for 10 years regular service followed by 10 years reserve service liability, for which reservist’s pension would be paid after discharge. My reserve service liability was over on 31 May 1989, as per the terms of my engagement in Navy and as per the terms of enrollment in Navy, I was eligible for Reservist Pension from 01 June, 1989.
  1. It is understood that, sailors have been kept in Fleet Reserve/Reservist before and after my release. I came to know that vide Armed Forces Tribunal, Chennai, judgment in O.A. No.83/12 dated 22.04.2013, three similarly placed ex sailors like me have been granted “Reservist Pension” and they are being paid the pension regularly.
  1. Since, I am also eligible for the same pension being a similarly placed ex-sailor, suitable orders may please be issued to grant me “Reservist Pension” w.e.f. 01 June, 1989 within 15 days.

Yours faithfully


Raminder Singh Sahota, Advocate


B-404 Lovely Home Apartments, Plot-5,

Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110 075


Copy to: Chief of Naval Staff, Secretary, Min of Def. CDA (Navy), DESA


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  • Mohan rao indian says:

    Dear all , see the long silence of Indian Navy with out any reply to many who are in similar, as of initial engagement with Indian Navy for 10 long years Service and released.

    They wash out innocent joined and served Indian Navy with out providing Pension and facilities. Similarly placed 3 respective avail pension and facilities as of date when AFT Chennai hammer

    Shameless Indian Naval Chief and the authority not come out with the report what they want to say and what they wait from Court to say.

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  • Subramanya Kemminje says:

    I am also an Ex Indian Navy served from 1971 until 1982.
    I am also rightly eligible for special pansion.

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