Comment on Legal notice to co-operative group housing society by Shilpa kapse/bansode.

Hi this is shilpa kapse staying in lodha heaven ,F003 chandresh avenue bldg, nilje,dombivli east.
In our society we observe some fraud going on by the society commitee members as well as some residents. They have given terrace shade contract to sonme xyz comany ‘s agent. Amt is 900000/-. Now work has half done ,inferer quality of material and top of that those who are working all people are fraud. Companeys owner came and told us they are fraud n he made them urrest.
Now our society members not filing any complaint or NC. Because some of the society members invove in this fraud. No one knows who introduced contractor in society. Every one in society paid 21 000 for the terrace repair work. Now we want justice . Where our money utilised. And why this fraud not taking seriously n making proper complaint. Can we do something against our commitee members as a residents? Please guide me .

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