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Hello Sir, My house is in Rohini Delhi .I would like your assistance regarding this case.
Could you please tell me that :
i) What is the time period/limit for society management within which they have to repair the damage (please share any Act for it )?
2) My amount loss is around 1,25.000 , could you tell me how much amount can be compensate if we go to Consumer Court or Registrar ?
3) Which would be the best direction ( Registrar / Consumer court / Criminal Court ) among them to approach ?

Regards. Saurabh

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Public grievances of members of co-operative societies
Hello Sir,
I live in a co-operative Society in Rohini(Delhi). I was looking for your help. Please help me with my below concern:

(My flat is on top floor)In my balcony outer wall (Latkan) had cracks which you was not repaired from last many months. We sent many emails from March’15 regarding the repair, it was management duty to get it repair within the time but there was no prompt response from their side and they started repair very late. This repair was started like their mind wants and in this, I was not playing any role in it. I didn’t promised them for any kind of labour amount.

They didn’t allow the labour to make the wall at the same place where it used to be and told them to make it on the Lentor due to which the wall fall down as soon as it was created. It means that they are try to play with the life of my family.
As it was totally Secretary and President Fault, so I asked them to get it repaired. But they denied at that point of time. When I said them that I will report in Police station, LT governor and Registrar. Then they requested me not to tell it to Police and promised me that they will get it repaired for me (which includes the pay for the amount of material and labour.)

As the work which was started by them, got stopped by them in between and they denied for further continuation of work. Then, I started the work (where they left it) by my own as I was obligated because I was worried about my house, because if it rain, then whole water may get log in my house and damage the wood furniture. So I started the work and I spent Rs77700 in total.

According to the “Delhi cooperative group housing society act 2003 and rule 2007”law and this law was decided in “” GBM in 2009”, this repair need to be done by you.

Side by side, I had physically and mental loss and I also had loss of my work .In this, I had a loss of Rs40000.

This is all happen due to President and sectary mistake. You have betrayed and discriminated me at every point and I also have proofs for it. So, in total, you have to pay me Rs77700 + 40000= (1,17,700) . Kindly
at earliest otherwise interest as per the law shall be charged.

The above is the talk happened with them , Could you please help me with below points :
(i) What is the minimum criteria/time limit in which they need to get the damage repair ? (like 1 month / 2nth or 3 mnth)
(ii) As they are denying for the money , so how further i can proceed this case ?



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