Legal notice served on VSF – Veteran Sailors Forum 

Following legal notice is served on Veteran Sailors Forum for its functioning by Advocate engaged by Mr. Dinesh Kaushik.





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Dated 28th January, 2015


The Secretary/President

M/S Veteran Sailors Forum

Room No.401, 4th Floor, Chankya Bhavan,

Chankyapuri, New Delhi – 110 021.


Dear Sir,

Subject: Legal Notice


Under instructions from and on behalf of my client “Mr. Dinesh Kaushik, Ex-POR (TEL) No.201575-A, Member No.DL/4988/LT, since 02.09.2013; resident of A-56 Anoop Nagar, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi- 110059, hereby serve upon you, the “Veteran Sailors Forum” here after called “this Forum”, this Legal Notice for the following:–


  1. That, this Forum is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, whose members can only be ex-sailors and only the members can form Governing Body as laid down in the Societies Registration Act, 1860. But in fact, it has been observed that you are not following the laws of the land from the beginning itself but are operating clandestinely.


  1. That, as per law, this Forum must have Governing Body officials positions filled by conducting free and fair election from their members only. But in fact, it has been observed that most of the serving / non serving officers of the Navy are appointed / nominated illegally; because they are not eligible to become even a member of this incorporated body.


  1. That, it has been observed that you have not followed proper procedure to call the members of this Forum for attending to General Meeting of members, at all the Chapters of this Forum, by sending Notice of Meeting, Agenda of Meeting & copy of Audited Accounts along with Auditors Report by Speed Post or Courier. Factually, you have been sending only emails, the record of which is never corrected by you in spite of notices by the members.


  1. That, it has also been observed that because the management is not of elected persons, out of ex-sailors only, the venue of General Meeting is kept at inaccessible places where security is main issue and mobile phone/ID cards are not allowed and therefore the members have to wait for clearances from Governing Body.


  1. That, it has also been observed that, to keep the activities in a clandestine manner, video / photography of the proceedings of all General Meeting of members is prohibited.


  1. That, it has also been observed that, points submitted by a member in advance to be discussed in the meeting are not taken up in the Agenda.


  1. That, it has also been observed that, this Forum is a sham body of naval ex-servicemen floated and managed by the officers for the reasons known only to them. Therefore, my client has taken up the task to ensure the working of this Forum as laid down in the law Or to ensure that the registration of this body is cancelled.

In view of the above, you are hereby called upon to give reply with reasons to understand you and your registration as ex-sailors body within 30 days from the receipt of this notice, failure to which my client shall be forced to launch Civil & Criminal proceedings against you and also against all the officials of the Governing Body, without further notice or reference to you, for which, you shall be solely responsible for the cost & consequences.

Copy kept by me for future records.

Yours faithfully


Raminder Singh Sahota



Legal notice served on VSF – Veteran Sailors Forum

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