Legal Notice to co-operative society for no transparency

A legal notice has been served on a co-operative society for not providing documents and not providing the web-site with important documents on-line:

Dated: 30.12.2016


The Hony Secretary

M/S Gulistan CGHS Ltd

Plot No.1-B, Sector-13,

Dwarka, New Delhi- 110078


Dear Sir,



I, on behalf of my client Mr. Deepak Dhadwal, S/O Sh.KS Singh, Membership No.249, resident of Flat No.A-803, Gulistan CGHS Ltd, Plot No.1-B, Sector-13, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078, do hereby serve upon you this notice for the following:


  1. That, my client has been requesting you time and again for various documents of the society for which he is entitled under the DCS Act, 2003, the DCS Rules, 2007 and Bye Laws of the society.


  1. That, my client has also been requesting you time and again to make all the financial transactions transparent relating to construction and period thereafter by providing hard copies to my client as per statues but you have not heeded to his request, till date.


  1. That, my client is entitled to access all the information of the society on web site of the society, which you have not provided in-spite-of Court Order (Delhi Co-operative Tribunal) and also strict instructions of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies to all the societies vide letter dated 13.11.2013, 02.09.2014 and 09.09.2015.


  1. That, you may please note that if you did not provide required information in hard copy or on your web-site on or before 20th January, 2017 to my client, I have strict instructions of my client to file legal cases against you and all the members of the Managing Committee at appropriate courts & forums.


  1. That, in the event my client had to file Criminal Case of “Contempt of Court” and Civil cases before any Court, due to above dispute, entire cost of litigation paid by my client, in addition to compensation for harassment, shall be recoverable from the Society as well as all the members of Managing Committee.


  1. That, you are requested to pay the cost of this notice i.e. Rs.25,000/- to my client forthwith.

Copy retained for my records

Yours faithfully



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