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very cleverly MOD has issued letter dated 26 Sep 2017 for implemenetation of SC Judgement of 27.10.2016. As per para (b) of the letter non of the sailors would be elegible for special pension. It says that ex-sailors who did not exercised the option to take discharge on expiry of engagement.shall be considered for special pension. Navy and MOD is playing with the sentiments of poor sailors and making mockery of Hon’ble SC Judgement.
For your information on 20 Sep 2017 High court of J&K even has granted pension to a Govt employee who was employed on temporary basis. Court held that pension is property and pensioner has a fundamental right to receive it . Court said a govt employee becomes elegible in case he completes 10 yrs service as per article 240A(IV) where wvwn a qualifying service is 33 yrs. but in our case it is just 15 yrs for qualifying service. court said it would be discriminatary and violative of Article 14 of the consitution of India by which an employee is disentitled of the benefits of pension. Since civil employee works for only 08 hours a day but in Navy sailor is on 24×7 duty in sea. 10 yrs in Navy shall be counted as 30 yrs in civil employment.
Kindly let us fight the nexus of this colonial attitude of higher ups
Lakhbir Singh
Ex Navy

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Divine justice for Naval Reservists by Supreme Court of India

What is latest by response to supreme court judgement of 27 Oct 2016 regarding release of special pension to sailors with 10 years service in Indian navy.


Indian Naval Veteran Sailors Association (INVSA)
what is latest about special pension to sailors with 10 yrs service .Despite Supreme court judgement no response has been received from indian navy and MOD. Is it not an open contempt of Honable S Court

Lakhbir Singh

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