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I, T.S.Soch, Rtd. SCPO, served in Active Service of the Indian Navy for over 16 years from 05-05-1956 to 10-08-1972 and was granted Service Pension. I was also retained and drafted to Fleet Reservist for a further period of 10 years w.e.f. 10-08-1972 and completed my retention period of Reserve in August 1982. On completion of Reservist period, I requested for grant of Fleet Reservist Pension to me and I was told by the Indian Navy has discontinued Fleet Reservist Scheme and such pension can not be granted to me. As a disciplined Ex.Service Man, I did not follow up the case, disregarding the fact that I was not being compensated for retaining me in the Fleet Reserve during Prime Years of my life(I was then aged about 33 Years when retained as reserve to answer the call for recall to active service in emergency, shortage of personnel and any other exigency. Needless to add that I lost an opportunity to join service abroad, which I could not do due to liability of Fleet Reserve Service.

After checking up information about Pension Entitlement of Naval Sailors over Web. and coming to know about grant of pension to a few retired sailors as result of favourable Legal Orders of Hon’ble Armed Forces Tribunals and Courts, I Made a request to Naval Pension Office to grant me Fleet Reservist Pension.

I was informed by the Senior Staff Officer(Pension) that “In accordance with Regulation 71 of Navy (Pension) Regulation 1964 -No person may draw more than one pension, and in case of any person who becomes eligible for more than one pension, the lesser pension shall lapse” Further saying that you have already been sanctioned service pension which is more beneficial to you-therefore you are not entitled for Reserve Pension.

In response to the position stated in foregoing paragraph, I submitted to the Naval Pension Office that, as regards payment of second pension, the Government of India has already issued orders for payment of second pension to entitled Govt. Pensioners.Further giving example that PBOR of
Army, who are drawing Service Pension for their Colour Service are also being granted Reservist Pension under Regulation 155 of Pension Regulation of Army 1961 (Part I) also stating other relevant facts supporting my case. I am still awaiting favourable orders.

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