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Dear friends,

I am A.K.Biswas of 3/74 batch, left Navy on 01.01.1986 as Leading Aircraft Mechanic. It is indeed a tremendous efforts our friends have given to achieve the long denied justice. There was a legal dispute continued for a pretty long lime and contemporary officials of Navy dealt with the matter. In fact when they become a party in legal dispute they are duty bound to play their role to protect the interest of the service and it happens with any organisation. If they do not play their role properly, then they fail professionally. Therefore, As I understand, there is no justice to use any bad comments against them or cast any word to dishonour any individual. In fact our past is their present, time will come when all of us will be out of gate. At the same time we as veterans also expect that we are not treated as arch enemy of the Navy. In the past we had been part and parcel of the office where they are today. We still carry our memories of Navy and use the skill of the service and outsiders still consider us as Ex-serviceman. Therefore, we desire that we should have compassion and mutual respect for each other. The legal dispute is over. The highest court of the county has found justification in the claim. For mutual respect and survival of the old colleagues the veterans expect the present Naval colleagues to co-operate and further request to refrain from legal litigation to drag the issue till they die. Rather our present colleagues in service are requested to expedite the matter so that it gives them some relief in the old age of the veterans.

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Non-Pensioner Ex-Servicemen of Indian Navy
Dear Shri Gengusamy G N , as per the decision of the court, as I understand you are one of the entitled person provided you are released honorarily on expiry of your termed not on disciplinary or any such ground. However, no such order is still visible upto now.

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