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Sanjayji It seems navy wants another legal battle with their own old veteran.Navy still disrespect to supreme court judgement.We have not given unwillingness to serve as reservist we have given unwillingness for new introduced policy of 15 years service. Our IN 271 is proof of that which shows the reason for leaving service is engagement expired and not given unwillingness.As per navy thinking on judgement then nobody is eligible form pension and battle of forty years is no means.
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Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
There are cases filed by our veteran,one contempt petition and other Misc application for direction, in Supreme court which will be heard on 8th Jan 2018.

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Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
In spite clear cut instruction of MOD Notification 26.09.2017 regarding implementation of special pension that”The Ex sailors did not exercise the option to take discharge on expiry of engagement i.e the sailor opted to retention in active service but not granted extension to qualify for pensionable service” MOD clarify very broadly. We the sailors opted for retention in active service as reservist but due to discontinuation of fleet reservist we have not granted extension after 10 years service to remain in fleet reservist.So the question of unwillingness come to an end we should not again and again discussed about unwillingness.I came to know that Naval pension office is verifying the service record of such sailors and they will soon in contact with you.

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Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
Mirandaji have you received written communication from Naval pension office that you are denied pension on account of unwillingness given by you? If they have to refuse pension due to unwillingness they would have told us on 27/10/2016. Why they filled Review petition. Even in review petition or in petition there is nothing about unwillingness. Supreme court said (not opted discharged in accordance with regulation 16)and this with our 10 years service for that we have not opted discharge as per Regs 16. Unwillingness given by us is to serve further 15 years.VSWA has opened a new link about the latest in this regards we should watch it daily.

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Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
In my openion implementation might have taken palace wef 14/8/2017. These government procedure take time to implement. Navy have to allocate budget for arrears of payment finding out correct list of benificiaries, develop software publish government order and lots more.Until unless we see the MOD orders we should not confused with because judgement is 100%correct. Please be clam,VSWA is doing his job. If we are not eligible navy will have to write us.

Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
Dear Fellows you must read page 16 & 17 of the supreme court judgement 27/10/16 where advocate for navy argued about unwillingness which is not accepted by the supreme court. so do not lose heart as Miranda said. 10 years serving sailors will get special pension as mention in para 25 of the judgement.

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Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
We all of us wants to thanks Mr. TS Das and his team for their sucesseful fight for pension. Jai Hind

Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India
Raviji, How it will possible that navy will disburse pension within four week because MOD is still in supreme court with Review Petition. Today 10 Aug 2017 the Review Petition listed before the supreme court the result yet to come. Until unless review petition not disposed off we cannot say any thing.

Supreme Court granted Special Pension to 10+10 years Naval sailors
contempt petition filed by our veteran in may 2017 then MOD filed Review petition in June 2017 both petitions are pending.Till then wait and watch. But Supreme court has given us divine justice no human can snatch it,and we will get our rights.

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